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WisEye Morning Minute: Growing Threats to Election Professionals in Wisconsin

As reported by, Sen. Kathy Bernier (R-Chippewa Falls) alongside national election experts said former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman needs to wrap up his investigation sooner than later to preserve election confidence and Republicans' chances of winning in the future. In a Capitol panel discussion alongside Dem and GOP attorneys she said claims of widespread fraud by those who don't know how elections work are to blame for diminishing voter confidence, not election workers. "This is a charade," she said. "There's a simple explanation for almost every single thing that people accuse election officials of doing."
The meeting establishing the League of Wisconsin Municipalities was Dec. 14, 1898.

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Local Leaders Can Drive State Policy Discussions
Toni Herkert, Government Affairs Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
December, The Municipality, pg. 14

Toni has been traveling across the state at the invitation of city and village leaders. You can travel along on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. (Note - our social media is still catching up to Toni. We will be posting more photos.)
UniverCity Program Has Real-Life Impact 
December, The Municipality, pg. 7
Gavin Luter, Managing Director, UniverCity Alliance, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Learn more about the UniverCity process of partnering with communities on projects and needs (hint - it's a conversation.)

Connect to these and many more Resources available to you through UniverCity:

Bonus Opportunity!
Projects Needed - please share with anyone interested
UW-Madison's UniverCity Alliance and Thriving Earth Exchange — an American Geophysical Union program — are looking for Wisconsin communities to work with on their geotechnical projects. This free opportunity connects communities with scientists and experts as they work to solve local challenges related to natural hazards, natural resources and climate change. 
The deadline is March 1! Past examples of Thriving Earth Exchange projects are in this database. Interested Wisconsin-based communities and volunteers should contact Gavin Luter, or call 608-261-1141. Learn more.
The Importance of the “Thank You” Tour: Rethinking Business Retention and Expansion Visitation Program Tactics
David Carlson, City Administrator, Lancaster
December, The Municipality, pg. 17

Beyond the Retention and Expansion Visitation Program (BREV) that David Carlson describes in his article, the SBDC is a resource for your Business Community:

From startup to financials to marketing and everything in-between, your local
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) office offers no-cost consulting to the small businesses you serve thanks to federal grants from the Small Business Administration. Visit to see the center that serves your municipality or contact Colleen Merrill at email to explore how the SBDC may be able to partner with you.
Improving Governance in Wisconsin
Michael Ford, Director, Whitburn Center at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Samantha J. Larson, Deputy Director, Whitburn Center at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
December, The Municipality, pg. 11

The Whitburn Center conducts nonpartisan, practical, applied research focused on evaluating and improving governance, professional management, and public policy in Wisconsin and beyond. Learn more.
Doctor’s Notes Are Not Enough
December, The Municipality, pg. 24

Employee medical situations place employers in the difficult position of balancing the need for full staffing and safety with concerns about overreaching into an employee’s privacy. These situations are often further complicated when the employee presents a cursory doctor’s note implying that the employer is limited in what action they can take and that they simply need to wait until the doctor clears the employee to return to work.

Employers don’t need to be stuck. By creating and implementing legally sound policies and practices – a process that is demonstrably non-discriminatory and non-retaliatory – employers can better manage employee medical situations
to diminish their negative effect on the workplace. Read the article. (PDF)
The League's December E-Newsletter with opportunities, events and funding.  
29th Annual Salute to Local Government Awards
Wisconsin Policy Forum
December, The Municipality, pg. 34

Congratulations again to ALL of the recipients of this prestigious award. See the full list here.
Recent League Legislative Bulletins

December 13 - Workforce Housing Bill Updates
December 6 -  Senate Hearing on Assessment Practices Bill
November 22 - Federal Infrastructure Package Signed into Law
Legal Articles
Municipal Publication Requirements
Claire Silverman, Legal Counsel, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
December, The Municipality, pg. 27

Publications 125R2 Discusses statutes (chapters 985, 61, and 62) governing publication of municipal legal notices, ordinances, and official proceedings of the village board or common council, and gives general overview of when municipalities must use an official newspaper meeting certain eligibility criteria, and when village boards can direct that posting be used in lieu of publication. Explains when and how municipalities can publish a code of general ordinances or a portion thereof under Wis. Stat. § 66.0103 by publishing an ordinance that incorporates the code or portion thereof by reference. 11/1/2021. Read the article. (PDF)
Presiding Officers and Agendas
Maria Davis, Assistant Legal Counsel, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
December, The Municipality, pg. 30

Have you ever witnessed or participated in a group discussion where the
conversation was disorganized, and no one seemed responsible for managing
the discussion? Such meetings are usually inefficient and not much gets
accomplished. For group discussion to be consistently effective and fair
and democratic, someone must be responsible for administering it. That
responsibility belongs to the presiding officer and begins with the agenda. 
New LWMMI Partnership
November, The Municipality, pg. 33

League of Wisconsin Municipalities Mutual Insurance (LWMMI) is excited to announce our expanded partnership with the Stafford Rosenbaum law firm to provide human resources, employment training, and pre-loss legal services to LWMMI insureds. Read the article. (PDF)

For more information, contact Matt Becker: email or (608) 833-9595.
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