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November 7, 2012
Record Number of Women Will Serve in Congress; New Hampshire Elects Women to All Top Posts
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The largest number of women ever will serve in the 113th Congress, including the largest class of newcomers since 1992. An all-time high total of 20 women (16D, 4R) will serve in the Senate, and there will be a record of at least 77 women (57D, 20R) in the U.S. House.

The only woman nominated for governor by a major party (Maggie Hassan, D-NH) won her contest.
New Hampshire became the first state ever to have women holding all of its top elected positions. As of 2013, the Granite State will have a female governor, two female U.S. Senators, and an all-woman (two-seat) U.S. House delegation.  


For more details, and other firsts and notable achievements for women, read our press release.   


Women's Votes Decisive in 2012 Presidential Race 

Womens Vote Watch  

Women's votes were decisive in Barack Obama's victory, according to an analysis of exit poll data. A majority of women (55%) cast their ballots for President Barack Obama, while a majority of men (52%) voted for Governor Mitt Romney, according to Edison Research. For more details, read our Women's Vote Watch press release

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