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Interested in raising political awareness? Apply to the  Darien Civic Engagement Projectwhich gives students the opportunity to implement the RU Ready civic engagement initiative in local high schools. Rutgers undergraduates provide high school students with the motivation and the civic, political, and expressive tools they need to address public problems in their community.

As part of the project, students enroll in a 1.5 credit  Topics in Political Science  course taught by Dr. Elizabeth C. Matto, associate research professor and director of Eagleton's Center for Youth Political Participation.

Email  Jessica Ronan  to apply.  Applications are due  Friday, November 8th at 5:00 PM.
Join the Editors of A Mayor for All the People: Kenneth Gibson's Newark for the Book Launch
Eagleton received its book order of A Mayor for All the People: Kenneth Gibson's Newark this week! Join co-editors Robert C. Holmes and Richard W. Roper as they discuss their new book exploring the legacy of Kenneth Gibson, the first African-American mayor of Newark. NJ. A book signing and reception will follow.

Thursday, November 14th at 5:45 PM.

Books will be available for purchase and signing at the event.
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#BlackWomenLead Congress: The Difference They Make and The Road They Took to Get There
The Albert W. Lewitt Endowed Lecture
Kimberly Peeler-Allen
Kimberly Peeler-Allen, a CAWP visiting practitioner, recently spoke to Eagleton Fellows in the Perspectives on American Politics course about her experience working at the intersection of race, gender, and politics. 

Peeler-Allen will give the fall 2019 Albert W. Lewitt Endowed Lecture, which will focus on Black women in Congress, their leadership, and the road they took to get there.

" The challenges and opportunities to expand Black women representation in Congress are tremendous as are the impacts of their leadership. Drawing on my years of experience as a political fundraiser in New York and as a co-founder of Higher Heights, an organization that has helped grow the number of Black women in elected office over the last 3 cycles, I look forward to sharing the under-reported stories of the five new Black women members of the 116th Congress and discussing what their success in 2018 can tell us about the future," said Peeler-Allen.

The event is this  Thursday, November 7th at 7:00 PM.
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Talking Politics - Promoting Respectful Discourse in the Classroom
Undergraduate students are learning how to engage in productive and respectful political conversations in an Eagleton course, Talking Politics: Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable. Dr. Elizabeth C. Matto, associate research professor and director of Eagleton's Center for Youth Political Participation, teaches the course alongside Randi Chmielewski, director of institutional planning and external affairs at Eagleton.

The course is premised on the notion that, in order for democracy to work, citizens need to be able to talk to each other. During the seminar, students consider why engaging in honest and respectful political discussion is integral to American democracy's success and explore productive ways to go about it.

The course gives students the opportunity to observe, analyze, and engage in a range of politics discussions along with distinguished faculty members and political practitioners. Earlier in the semester, Eagleton director John J. Farmer, Jr. joined students in the class in a discussion about political speech on college campuses.

The class also had the chance to speak with two Eagleton Undergraduate Associates as well as New Jersey State Senator Vin Gopal and Senator Robert Singer, who spoke about engaging in respectful political discussions across party lines and perspectives.

Learn more about the courses Eagleton offers and other ways students can get involved with the Institute.
CAWP Sends Women Elected Officials a Children's Book to Share with Kids in Their Home Districts
As part of its Teach a Girl to Lead® Reading Project, Eagleton's Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) sent every elected woman legislator, member of Congress, governor, and statewide elected official a copy of Grace Goes to Washington. The elected officials were asked to volunteer to read the book to kids at their local elementary school and then donate the book so future students can learn about civics and government. The children's book provides an easily understandable overview of the three branches of government, illustrates checks and balances, highlights women in public leadership, and teaches elementary-age children the value of kindness, courage, and independent thought.

Connecticut State Representative Jillian Gilchrist recently tweeted that she read the book to her own daughter in preparation for a future visit to an elementary school in her district.
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