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Issue 19
November, 2016  
Ward Beaudry
G. Ward Beaudry
I Had to Rewrite My Post-Election Thoughts
Like the pollsters and the majority of our political pundits, I expected to wake up on November 9 with Hillary Clinton as our new president. I had already written a draft of my post-election comments. Oops! I had to start over. My opinions are below, along with the announcement of a new associate and some other information I hope you will find useful.


  We're finally through one of the nastiest presidential elections. Whether you are pleased or horrified, I am certain you are relieved it is over. It was one of the most unconventional and tense U.S. presidential elections seasons in recent memory.
   By virtue of the Electoral College, Donald Trump, a businessman, television celebrity and political outsider, will become the 45th president of our country. The Senate will remain Republican with a slim majority and the House and governorships remain heavily Republican.
   Our dollar is stronger against many currencies in anticipation of renegotiations of U.S. trade agreements. The stock market has steadied and infrastructure spending that is promised by Trump should drive up those companies involved.
   The "experts" indicated the Fed may again postpone the anticipated December minimum interest rate increase because of the uncertainty resulting from the election. I doubt it and anticipate a slight increase.

What Now?

   I had anticipated a different result and planned to advise estate and tax planning decisions based on proposed tax increases. Instead, this President-elect focuses on the tax and repatriation plans which he espoused during the campaign, specifically, lowering corporate tax rates and encouraging corporate cash held abroad be returned to the United States.
No Need to Panic
   My recommendation is to stay the course with what you have in place with your estate plan, assuming you have a plan in place.
   Of course, Congress must approve tax changes and having the Republican majorities in the House and Senate should be a positive for success.
   The President-elect's website focuses on four key issues:
  • Comprehensive immigration reform, including building the Mexican border wall, ending catch-and-release and removing criminal illegal aliens from our nation.
  • Passage of an infrastructure spending bill.
  • Repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Revision and update of individual and corporate tax codes.
   Additionally, Trump might use executive orders to undo some of President Obama's executive actions, and quickly submit his Supreme Court nominee.
   You can see an analysis of President-elect Trump's proposals here, and an analysis of the House GOP plans here.

    I'm always ready to take your call or respond to your email about estate issues and other issues related to your family or business life.
 (214) 969-0001

Welcome Fred O. Hull, Jr.

 I am pleased that Fred O. Hull, Jr. has joined our firm in an "of counsel" position. Fred brings more than 20 years of legal expertise in a number of areas that enhance the capabilities of Winn, Beaudry & Winn. His top areas of expertise include acquisitions, divestitures, legal transactions, contracts, oil & gas, civil litigation, docket administration, litigation management and risk mitigation.
  Fred's background is broad as he was a solo practitioner with his own firm in Houston, worked for three law firms and then served as senior general counsel for Noble Royalties, Inc., in Dallas from 2007 until joining Winn, Beaudry & Winn.
   Fred received his undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Texas at Austin and his law degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston.

   Competent assistance from Fred, or any of our team, is just a phone call or email away. 

(214) 969-0001
or email at  gwb@winnbeaudrylaw.com
Pre-Planning Is Key with Incapacitating Illnesses

  The Alzheimer's Association says 5.4 million U.S. citizens are experiencing some form of Alzheimer's Disease. This is an incurable disease that is expected to grow in scope. Alzheimer's presents several significant financial problems:
  • The cost to care for the patient
  • The increased potential to fall for scams via the internet, mail and telephone
  • The loss of income produced by a productive, healthy person. 
   Planning before the onset of the illness is essential to minimize both the emotional, physical and financial impact of this insidious disease.
   Everyone should have a durable power of attorney that names someone you trust to make your financial decisions as well as a healthcare power of attorney to make medical decisions. Also, a trust established with your assets can designate a successor trustee to take over for you if you become unable to act as the trustee because of a mental impairment.
   We seriously recommend planning ahead of diagnosis to minimize the impacts of this disease and any other illness that might affect one's capacity to deal with life's challenges.

             Call me or email if you want to discuss this or any legal issue.

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or email at  gwb@winnbeaudrylaw.com
Happy Birthday to the Estate Tax

    With all the hype of the 2016 presidential election, we all missed a very important birthday - the centennial birthday of the estate tax. (It also was the 241st birthday of the United States Marine Corps, in which I served).
    On Sept. 8, 1916, the estate tax was born. It was first enacted under Woodrow Wilson as part of the Revenue Act of 1916. Originally, there was a $50,000 exemption for U.S. residents with tax rates between 1% and 10%.
  Birthday Cake Image  In 2016 dollars, the exemption would safeguard $1.1 million with the top rate only applying to estates in excess of $110 million. However, at that early point in history, without the gift tax, the estate tax was easily avoided as wealthy individuals could give it away over the course of a lifetime.
   Obviously, the estate tax has changed its appearance and approach during its 100-year life span.
   For the record, President-elect Trump has said he would repeal it. 
For more on the estate tax birthday, see this article in Accounting Today.

  Do you have estate tax questions? Just  phone or email and let's talk.

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or email at  gwb@winnbeaudrylaw.com
Why I Might Recommend a Trust
   From its origins as a way to avoid the restrictive feudal transfer rules involving the King, Knights, barons, etc., the concept of a donative trust has evolved into a device for management of property by a fiduciary for the benefit of families through generations (a management trust).
   Property included in a properly drafted and managed trust avoids probate; the trust is a Will substitute with respect to the trust assets. Also a trust can avoid the restrictions and expense of a guardianship for a minor beneficiary or an individual who is not competent to manage their own affairs.
   The laws dealing with irrevocable and revocable trusts have evolved to accommodate their purposes, whether as a management trust or as a will substitute trust. In some instances the conservatorship purpose of revocable trusts has been denied by courts. The court may conclude that if the trust is revocable, that the assets are accessible by the beneficiary's creditors, divorcing spouse or minors for child support. Proper drafting to convert from a revocable to an irrevocable trust can minimize the potential problem.
    Clearly, if real property of a Texas resident exists in another state or nation, placing that property into a trust for the owner's benefit is a "No-brainer."

 I can help you determine if a trust is right for you. Just  phone or email and let's talk.

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or email at  gwb@winnbeaudrylaw.com
Vatican Issues Cremation Guidelines

    The Vatican recently published guidelines for Catholics who want to be cremated, requiring their remains not to be scattered, divided among family or kept at home.
   The ashes are to be stored in a sacred, church-approved place to remember the dead properly and prevent the appearance of "pantheism, naturalism or nihilism." The guidelines confirm that burial remains the preferred method due to resurrection beliefs.  
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