The Nominating Committee is accepting applications for the 2019 Officers and Directors.

Please open and view the application, qualifications and timeline to submit to the board office on or before 4pm August 8, 2018.

The report of the nominating committee shall be mailed or, where permitted by state law, electronically transmitted to each member eligible to vote at least three (3) weeks September 10, 2018 preceding the election.

Additional candidates for the offices to be filled may be placed in “nomination by petition” signed by at least 10% of the REALTOR® members eligible to vote. The petition shall be filed with the Association Executive by Friday, September 14, 2018.

All information will be confidential and viewed only by the nominating committee and staff liaison. All who are willing to commit to serving on this board are encouraged
to do so. Please contact Mr. Glen Champion, nominating committee chair at
(956) 371-3700 with any questions you may have.

Glen Champion
Committee Chair
2019 Board of Directors


3 Vacancies – 3 year Director
2 Vacancies – 2 year Director
1 Vacancy– 1 year Director

Anyone interested may apply for any of the Vacancies for Officer or Director. Please fill out the application and submit no later than Wednesday, August 8, 2018 by 4:00 PM to the Association Executive.

Important Dates:

July 24, 2018              Nominating Committee Met
                                   Letter, Application & Qualifications sent to General Membership

August  8, 2018        Deadline to submit applications
August 10, 2018        Committee reviews applications for qualifications
August 14, 2018        Slate of Nominees be submitted to President
August 21, 2018        President submits slate to Board of Directors

September 10, 2018   Slate of Nominees sent to all REALTORS in Brownsville
September 14, 2018  Additional Candidates (nomination by petition)
deadline to submit application
September 17, 2018   Election Committee to meet and review

October 1-12, 2018    Slate submitted to General Membership for Election via e-mail or at the Board office
October 12, 2018       Election committee will review all votes.
October 15, 2018       Election results presented to the Board of Directors & Candidates
                                   Results presented to the General Membership via e-mail.

Installation of New Officers and Directors, to be announced at a later date & time