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Intentional Living
Brady Mikusko, Life Coach 
Issue: #18
November 2016

Love is more powerful
than hate

It is the day before the election. This election campaign  is the most toxic and poisonous I have ever seen, heard or experienced.

I have a personal story to tell and few thoughts to share on the eve of this election. You may find these helpful to you on your own personal journey. If not, that's okay too!
My mother, Alice
My mother is 89. She lives in a modular home in mid-Michigan and is by many standards, poor. She and my father were working class people, my father having an 8th grade education and a job in a chemical plant. He has been dead for years. She is in hospice  now, with a list of ailments too long to list.  A few weeks ago she developed shingles, with blisters all up and down her leg. I went to visit her. She is a tiny woman at 89, lying in bed, a walker nearby, bandages on her left leg -- her other leg bruised and swollen.

"How are you mom?" I asked.

She said, her voice a little wobbly and frail: "I am okay."

"Really?" I asked. (I mean, how could she be okay?)

"Well, you know, there are alot of people in this world who have it worse than me," her voice getting stronger and clear.

I was momentarily clueless.  I asked: "Like who mom?"

Without any hesitation she looked me straight in the eye and said with powerful emotion:  "All those refugees. They have been forced out of their homes and country, and have NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.  Look at those pictures. Fathers holding children; mothers holding children.  It breaks my heart."

Bingo. The heart. She had no teleprompter. No script.

What she said came directly from her beautiful heart and soul. And as old as she now is -- and don't get me wrong we have had our issues --  I feel she was guiding me, to live with more love and compassion in this world for this world. 

I recalled immediately a bumper sticker that deeply moved me, a quote from the Dalai Lama.

Compassion is the radicalism of our times.
A few thoughts to reflect upon,
at a time when there seems to
be so little reflection.

1.  We are what we practice. If we practice love, we will be loving. If we practice hate, we will be hateful.

2.  Blame is a toxic emotion. Hate is a toxic emotion. 

3.  Our thoughts are powerful. We see what we believe.  If we have thoughts of hate, anger, blame, judgment, contempt, disgust, greed, shame......that is what will be created and seen.

4.  If we poison our minds and hearts with toxic emotions and thoughts, we will spew them out, like vomit. Or perhaps it is more like crapping on Mother Earth.

5.  We live on a beautiful, small planet. We are all on this planet together.  Now is the time to embrace our common humanity. Our mutuality.  We are not separate, even as our minds and egos insist that we are/must be. An "us versus them" mentality is an old paradigm, which no longer serves us (if it ever did).

6.  Every moment is new, fresh. Life is unfolding. We are a part of all of it. We are part of the creation.

7.  Love is more powerful than hate. Alec Baldwin, on SNL, broke character and said: "I just feel gross all the time."  That comment was so right on. The frequency of hate is dense and gross.

8.  Try this!  Think of someone you love. And notice how it feels; how your body feels. You may even want to put your hand on your beautiful  heart. Now think of someone or something you hate, and notice how your body feels.  Then go back to love, and notice again how it feels. The difference between those two states (energies)  is like night and day. Dense versus light. 
9.  I am asking each and every one of you to  take a few minutes today, go directly to your heart, and feel love. And if you desire, then send that love to all of us. Bring some light to our country. We need it.