The elections were contentious and some are still being counted. The discourse has been heated for weeks and that is not only for people who are old enough to vote. This week's article of interest addresses what's next.

Also, who doesn't like Potbelly for REACH!?

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday for regularly scheduled youth group at 4:30!

30 Good Minutes
30 Good minutes continues this week after the 9 a.m. service and before the 11. This is Sunday School for all ages. Come check out the specifically tailored program for Middle and High School. Jonah is more than a legend and can be confusing. So why is a story about a man getting swallowed by a big fish in the Bible?

Come explore this week!
REACH Fundraiser
Come to Potbelly near IHOP and Fudrucker's in Ashburn this Tuesday, November 13, between 5:00p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Be sure to mention St. David's and a portion of the proceeds go towards the mission trip!
What next after the Elections?
Conversation has been heated these past few months in particular. Tempers are high or perhaps unhealthy conflict has ended in unfriending or worse. Today's article of interest provides 5 specific takeaways for how to proceed after the election, whether you are satisfied or upset (or everywhere in between). These 5 steps are helpful whether you are too young to vote or have voted for years.

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