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Mental Health Strength During Elections
In this Column, we are sharing a timely article that can help us to understand how to handle the Stress Between Now and the Election - and afterwards.  
It doesn't look like the political fallout from this election will be ending November 3rd - or soon thereafter. There is every reason to believe the confusion and commotion will continue, if not increase, in its wake.  
So it might be wise to prepare ourselves with sound advice and tools to cope with the tumult that is to come.  
Mental health experts say people are feeling especially stressed about this year’s presidential election, and that stress is compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the concomitant economic uncertainties and pressures. And we know that stress can cause mental health problems, as well as undermine our physical health. 
Some helpful ways to cope include talking to others about our feelings, as well as managing our exposure to social media and the news

According to our Psychology Today article, the good news is that we can take steps to stay mentally strong during election season. Managing stress and making a few environmental changes can go a long way toward helping us weather a bitter political climate.

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5 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong
During Campaign / Election Season
Some people fear that not speaking up means they aren't being heard. 

You don't have to listen to other people air their political opinions, especially if the climate is aggressive or hostile. 

It's easy to imagine doom and gloom if your candidate doesn't get elected. But catastrophic predictions aren't helpful.
While some people find joy in reading the latest political commentary, it can take a toll on many of us.
Rather than blaming the campaign for draining your mental strength, look at it as an opportunity to build mental muscle.
Please stay safe and healthy

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