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There's an election coming up on Nov. 15, and it's your chance to voice an opinion about how your city runs. Make sure you take some time to inform yourself, and then get out there. You can even vote today, by stopping in at City Hall before 8pm with your BC ID.


Other news this week includes a staffing shuffle, a big Buddings birthday, and a chance for you to help us keep Denet in Canada. What a week for responsibilities! 


Keeping our strength up, with fresh healthy snacks, gets tricky as the cold comes in, but Aaron Quesnel from Sky Harvest will be in the house on Saturday Nov. 22 to show us how to grow our own mini harvest of ultra nutritious microgreens. It's the first of our Super Saturday Presenters, and we're so pleased to welcome him to Buddings. 


There's a lot to do this week. Maybe you should make a list...


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Buddings is 3! Let's have a party!
Municipal election is Nov. 15
Healthful treats are sprouting up - Nov. 22
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Buddings is 3 Years Old! Let's have a party!


This week, Buddings turns three years old, and as we celebrate that accomplishment, we have a few other big changes happening as well. Denet is stepping back. Lisa is stepping up. And there have been so many other people helping along the way! 


Talia's post on the blog has all the details, and with so much going on, how else to commemorate than with a party?


On Friday, Nov. 14, please join us for a "Happy Birthday, Buddings!/Come Back Soon, Denet!/Welcome to Buddings, Lisa!" Party.


Phew... What a lot of ground to cover! 


We've got the details in order, but if you're wondering about a gift, nothing would be more appreciated than your support for Denet's VISA application (find the details on the blog). We've raised almost half of the $1,000 fee, and still have tickets available for our Hours A Month Until March lottery.


To contribute, please contact Talia


Vancouver Municipal Election is Nov. 15! Please Vote!

The seats for the City of Vancouver council, park board and school board representatives are all up for election this month, and you can vote at your local polling station this Saturday, Nov. 15 between 8am and 8pm. 

If you can't make it on Saturday, there are also a number of stations open today where you can vote anytime before 8pm. There's even one at City Hall, just four short blocks from Buddings! 

With less than 35% voter turn-out last election, the extended hours are an effort to bring more voters to the polls. Hundreds of volunteers will be involved on election day, knocking on doors and helping people get to polling stations, and Buddings is playing a part by offering childcare spots for volunteers. So we know how many spots we have available, if you're thinking of booking time on Saturday, please do it by Friday.

In the meantime, why not take a few minutes to review the Globe and Mail's Platform Comparison, or find your own source, and educate yourself on where candidates stand on the issues that affect you and your family. 

Healthful Treats are Sprouting Up - Nov. 22


With more than 30 plants at Buddings (we counted!), taking care of them, and learning about how they grow is an important part of the curriculum. The kids love planting seeds and watering their little green charges. Now that the cold weather has arrived, it's time to put our flower beds to bed, and get bright and beautiful with our indoor grow light. 

To get us started for a season of inside growing, on Saturday, Nov. 22, Aaron Quesnel of SkyHarvest will be stopping in and teaching us about how to raise our own mini-harvests of microgreens. 

With up to 40 times more vitamins than mature plants, and a much shorter grow cycle, microgreens are a fun and fast way for kids to learn about plants, and enjoy a super healthy snack that they can grow themselves.

Aaron's presentation will happen around 11am, with a repeat performance in the afternoon for anyone who missed it. Log in and book your child on Saturday Nov. 22 to take part. 

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