ICA's 2019 Diversity Scholarship Award Winners

ICA awarded two students $2,500 each to support their educational goals. These two students will be making a big impact on our community in the years to come.  
Election Day is October 21. Are You Registered to Vote?

The election is just around the corner! As with every federal election, policies impacting immigrants and refugees could be impacted. Here at ICA, we don't tell people how to vote but we want to encourage everyone who is eligible to vote to register and go to the polls on October 21!  
If you are a citizen of Canada, you have the right to vote. To register and find out where you can vote, visit Elections Canada. If you are not sure if you're registered, click here to find out.  
Looking for Youth Ages 15 - 23 for This is Me Art Project! 
Are you 15 - 23 years old and interested in exploring the subjects of identity, race, faith and belonging?   Here's your chance to put your creative genius to work! 
Under the guidance of international award-winning painter and experienced local visual artist Chin Yuen, this ICA artistic youth project will help young people examine the subjects of identity, race, faith and belonging using different visual approaches to expressing the self.
Through photography, collage and painting, young people will get to explore who they are and create "portraits" that capture their full stories.

Employment Resources 
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