Election Time Is Here | Get Out & Vote
Another Election Day is upon us this week. Every election is important for Culver City, but there seems to be something even more imparative about this election cycle. Perhaps it is the fact that we just had an Special Election a week ago. Statistics show that voter turnout is traditionally lower when there are multiple elections in a short timeframe. Maybe it is the fact that we will be selecting two candidates to join a City Council charged with leading us into a time of significant growth and change for Culver City. Truthfully, it could also be the fact that we are in the process of a General Plan Update - an update that will make the first change, since 1968, to parts of the General Plan. This is a plan that is geared towards serving our community for decades to come. So, the people that are responsible for crafting and carrying out this plan are very important.

Whether you vote by mail or at a polling place, if you value the future of our great city, you owe it to yourself and our community to get out and vote. Together we can work on building an even greater Culver City for the future. Not sure where your polling place, click the link below.
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As your President/CEO, there are a lot of things that I hold with high regards - part of that is keeping you all informed on what the chamber is doing for you. ColinResponse, a play on words of the traditional Call and Response, will be a monthly correspondence from me to all of you. Some months there will be a specific call to action, other times it will be simply advisory. At any rate, it will be my routine attempt at being as transparent and available to you all as possible- our members.

Colin Diaz
President/CEO | Culver City Chamber of Commerce