Do November 2022 Election Results Reflect a Demographic Sea Change?

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ELECTION REPORT 2022: A tale of two elections the 42nd Leg District
Senator Simon Sefzik.

Rep Sharon Shewmake

Disappearing leads from Primary to General elections are generally very rare; but the 42nd Legislative District in northern Whatcom County began the habit in 2018. All three Republicans lost the Primary elections but two of the three Republicans were elected in the General: one by 45 votes and the other by 84 votes.
In 2020 the two Republican Candidates for State Legislature in the 42nd received the nod from Primary Voters. How does this happen and what effect did the 25,000 voters between the primary and general have on the 2022 Election. Read More Here
ELECTION REPORT 2022: Did the Redistricting of 2021 have an effect on the 42nd Election?
In Washington state all legislative districts were realigned to fit the goal 0f 157250 people per district. (Not Voters only but the Total population).

As a result it was necessary for the 42nd district to "lose" about 1060 population to become closer to the 157250 "perfect number". The way the committee did this was interesting. They moved about 4500 people.... Read The Rest
Election 2022: In Whatcom County: the Tax Man wins (by 20 Votes)
42nd District turns away new "Kids" property tax.
In a vote counter to the Republican/Democrat vote in the 42nd the so called Kid's initiative was turned back by a 56% to 44% NO vote. The NO vote in the 42nd was more than the Democrat Senate race Candidate: Sharon Shewmake by about 6000 votes! Generally its Democrats associated with the policies of higher taxes and also voting for regressive taxes like the property tax.
See the map at the bottom of the page...
Whatcom County as a whole passes tax increase:
In Whatcom County the Initiative was behind until the very last day when "rehab ballots". READ ALL THE FACTS HERE

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