August 2018
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Save our Sidewalk Space!
Welcome Kathrine Morris: Aug 30 meet and greet
Save the date: 2019 Georgia Walks Summit
Demand safe sidewalks and crossings on Monroe Drive
Save our Sidewalk Space!
Shareable motorized scooters have great potential , especially as a fun, convenient 
Woman riding scooter on street
Photo credit: Kelly Jordan
alternative to relying on cars to reach nearby destinations. PEDS welcomes this sort of future,
but it's essential that people ride scooters in the road, not on sidewalks.

Sidewalks must remain safe and welcoming for people on foot and using wheelchairs. Period.

During July, Sally Flocks, President & CEO of PEDS, spoke at City Council work sessions, exchanged e-mails with planners and elected officials, and recommended regulations that will protect people on foot. 

The State of California adopted excellent regulations - and we'd like local and state governments to adopt similar rules here.  California sets 16 as the minimum age for riding motorized scooters. It also prohibits people from using motorized scooters from doing any of the following:
  • Riding upon a sidewalk
  • Riding with any passengers in addition to the operator
  • Parking a scooter on its side or on a sidewalk in any way that limits access for people who are walking
Please join us in asking Atlanta City Council members to put safety first.  Nothing should be allowed on sidewalks that exceeds the speed of joggers. Traveling 15 mph on sidewalks is unsafe for both pedestrians and people riding scooters.
Aug 30 meet and greet: Welcome Kathrine Morris
Kathrine Morris, our new Community Engagement Coordinator, has been with us for just a week. And we already know she's a terrific addition to our team. She's an expert on equity, inclusion, and community programming.

We're eager for you to meet her as well, so please join us on Thursday, August 30 for coffee and conversation. 

We'll hang out from 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. on the first floor of the new Post Office Coffee and Co-Work building at 86 Pryor Street, SW in Atlanta. 
Save the date: March 7 - 8 Georgia Walks Summit 
Drum roll, please. We've lined up terrific keynote speakers for the 2019 Georgia Walks Summit. Three more reasons to save the date!
We're thrilled to partner with the Georgia Department of Transportation to present the fourth annual Georgia Walks Summit.  Th e Summit will be in Norcross  and Peachtree Corners on March 7 - 8, 2019 and is likely  to be the best yet.
2019 Georgia Walks Summit banner
We'll keep you posted as we call for proposals and offer opportunities to register. Stay tuned! 
Demand safe sidewalks and crossings on Monroe Drive
Renew Atlanta's latest recommendations  for the Monroe Drive/Boulevard Complete Street are a big disappointment to people who live or walk on Monroe Drive. 

As currently designed, Monroe Drive is dangerous for all travel modes.  Renew Atlanta's recommendations do little to change that. 

Monroe Drive crash
Creating a center turn lane will reduce the risk of wrecks like the one that occurred on Monroe in mid-July
These recommendations are not a done deal - and it's not too late for you to participate

If you haven't already done so, please join PEDS in calling on Renew Atlanta to:
  • Redesign Monroe so it has one lane in each direction, a center turn lane, and wide sidewalks
  • Install midblock crossings between Montgomery Ferry and Piedmont Avenue
  • Install safe crossings at all intersections on Monroe Drive
Your voice matters. Please send comments to by August 10.

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