Electrical Engineering News
Volume 3, Issue 1

Prof. Gerard Wysocki partners with IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center to develop an integrated highly sensitive and reliable optical sensors for monitoring methane emissions.

Prof. Gerard Wysocki

The Freshman Scholar Institute program hosted 77 incoming students for a summer 7-week academic program.  This year's program included the addition of the Foundations in Engineering course taught by Profs. Andrew Houck and Claire Gmachl.  The course featured laboratory-based work with the goal of reducing attrition among students who have expressed an interest in engineering fields.  Students constructed "rockets" to provide a familiarity with physics and math as well as hands-on design experience with engineering.  Click here to read the full story. 
Prof. Houck assisting student with "rocket"
prior to launch

Prof. Claire Gmachl was awarded with the departmental Walter Curtis Johnson Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching.  The award was presented at the sophomore welcome lunch on September 18, 2015.

Profs. Sharad Malik,Chair, Claire Gmachl and Antoine Kahn, Associate Chair

EE Faculty and Research staff continue to be recognized for their accomplishments. Some recent awards and recognitions include:

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Catching Up with Our Alumni

Prof. Jennifer Rexford '91 became Chair of the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University, effective July 1, 2015.

Attention Alumni:  Do you have news/announcements to share?  Please email heathere@princeton.edu to be included in an upcoming EE Newsletter.

Janam Jhaveri received Best Poster Award at the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference.

Mattias Fitzpatrick and Li-Feng Cheng were awarded the departmental TA awards during the Welcome Breakfast & Orientation for new graduate students.
On September 15th, we welcomed 32 new graduate students to the Department of Electrical Engineering.  Students were provided a synopsis of the department and learned how to navigate the life of a graduate student at Princeton.  Access our photo gallery.

The EE Department hosted a welcome luncheon for the sophomore class on September 18th.  Students dined with faculty and learned about the department.  Check out our photo gallery.

Welcome to the new school year!  We held our annual welcome back picnic for faculty, staff, researchers and their families on September 18th.  Click here for our photo gallery.


On October 12th, the EE Department celebrated Prof. Sigurd Wagner's retirement with a dinner at Prospect House.  Prof. Wagner retired effective September 1, 2015.  Congratulations Prof. Wagner! Click here to view the photo gallery of the evening.

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