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Electrification of HVAC Could Be a Game Changer 
Electrification of HVAC removes systems that rely on fossil fuels and instead accomplishes space temperature control with electricity driven components, which is a cleaner energy option.
With a local and federal government push to remove fossil fuels from buildings moving forward, you’ll need to be ready for the changes coming to the HVAC industry. 

Luckily, Jacco is here to provide you with options for electric systems!

Aaon Electric System Offerings
Aaon recently updated their Air-source heat pumps offerings for rooftop units. Rooftop Air-source heat pumps will be capable of full heat at 0 degree ambient from 2 to 70 tons. The 2-10 ton units are available now, with the rest projected to be available in the first quarter of 2022. 

Aaon also has other options for electrification, offering DX cooling and electric heat in all Roof Top cabinets. If you have an indoor air handler, Aaon offers air-source heat pump condensing units up to 70 tons that can be connected to any AHU.

Aaon additionally can offer a full line of Geothermal/Watersource Heat Pumps. Available in Rooftop units from 2-230 Tons, Condensing Units up to 70Tons and Air Handlers up to 20,000 CFM
Samsung Electric System Offerings
VRF HVAC systems have been a longstanding option for electrification. VRF systems offer high efficiency heat pump or heat recovery systems from 4-44 tons and serve as a great option for multiple zones and retrofit applications.

For added flexibility, Samsung VRF Systems provide the ability to connect to our VTS Air Handlers. This can bring your small Air Handlers into the VRF system and create unique solutions
Samsung also offers Geothermal/Watersource VRF Systems. Available from
6 to 50 Tons, Water cooled VRF can provide an super-efficient alternative.

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Samsung’s Max Heat Units allow for full heating capacity
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