Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Electrifying Progress in Decarbonizing Affordable Housing

The California Housing Partnership first identified the need to have affordable housing be part of the state’s efforts to combat climate change in 2009.[1] In 2010, the Partnership convened the first of what would become annual stakeholder convenings for nonprofit affordable housing providers, utility companies, advocates, policymakers and regulators concerned that we have the resources and policies needed to equitably decarbonize our affordable communities so that low-income renters would both benefit from and contribute to this critical effort.

Today the Partnership is releasing a summary of the findings and recommendations from our 2023 convening held in Los Angeles along with three case studies that provide the detailed evidence of our progress in electrifying affordable housing, the barriers that still remain and the opportunities for further innovative solutions. Taken together, I hope you will agree that these two reports describe electrifying progress in our collective efforts to decarbonize affordable housing.

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“Findings from the Los Angeles Affordable Housing Decarbonization Summit”

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“The Pathway Forward for Electrifying Multifamily Affordable Rental Housing”

[1] CEO Matt Schwartz authored an article titled Financing Affordable Rental Housing: A Greener Path Ahead that was published by SPUR in August 2009.

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