To:       All Diocesan Contacts
Re:       Electronic Communications
Date:   October 30, 2018

Dear Friends:  
Many of you have been in touch with my office in response to an email you received asking you to be quickly in touch.  Please know that neither I, nor my office, has sent these emails. They are what's called "spoofing," and if you look closely at the sender's address, you'll see it reads "stlane(at)".   Please know that no one in the diocesan office would contact you by email asking for help.

In addition to this spoofing email, another email is also making the rounds asking for Apple gift cards.  The sender on those emails is rev.abraham.j00(at), but you have to look closely at the email to see that because the sender is using familiar names in the "From" field like "Wang", "Holsapple" and "Hoecker".  

The best action is no action.  Do not open, click or respond.  Simply mark them as 'spam' and hit the delete button.

Our diocesan domain ( has not been hacked and remains under the tightest security we have available.  It may be that robots have "mined" our website for email addresses. Steps were taken early this morning to prevent that from happening.  This will reduce the number of incidents, but can't eliminate them completely, so constant vigilance is necessary.

To learn more about spoofing and phishing, and how they are different, please click here.  

Additional information about cybersecurity is available from the Office of Homeland Security. 

More information will follow in this week's DioLog.