Electronic Visit Verification is Coming Soon!
What is Electronic Visit Verification?
Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is an electronic system used to record when caregivers begin and end providing care.

EVV is federally mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act for home and community-based services. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) must comply with this mandate.

To learn more about EVV, please refer to the DHS EVV Flyer and the DHS website. Watch your inbox for a welcome email from DHS with more detailed information.
How will EVV impact me?
EVV is not replacing paper timesheets or time submissions on the web portal, MyDirectCare.com. You will continue to submit time as normal. EVV is in addition to your normal time submission. All time submissions must have a matching EVV record.

When will I begin using EVV?
Starting November 2, caregivers must use EVV for each visit.

What EVV vendor does DHS use?
DHS contracted with Sandata Technologies as the EVV vendor.

What are the approved EVV options I can use?
There are three approved ways to submit EVV shifts:
  • Sandata Mobile Visit Verification (MVV). This requires a smart phone or device with location services.
  • Sandata Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV). This uses the member's landline phone.
  • Sandata Fixed Visit Verification (FVV). This uses a small, in-home device when no other visit collection methods are available or possible.

How do I register for one of the three EVV options? 
We will be sharing DHS training materials on registering and using the three EVV options. Watch your inbox for an email from DHS containing your unique ID number for the Sandata system.
Watch your email for more detailed information!
Have questions?
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