As the fall semester begins and students greet their classmates through a computer screen, we are reminded of the importance of our work. We have always known that garden-based learning has a positive affect on the health and education of children. Now we know that outdoor education is an important strategy for getting kids back to school and protecting them (and their teachers) during a pandemic.

For now, we will continue to bring garden-themed learning to our students from afar. And, we'll keep school gardens thriving for when they return. As parents, teachers and children are adapting and learning, we are doing the same. Can you help us secure the future of our program at these 20 schools? Make a donation today to support school gardens.

The Garden To Table Team

PS. For ideas about how to get your kids outside, check out this article written by our intern, Sophie Hill.
We're feeding our neighbors. You can help!
This year, we are donating all of the produce that we grow in school gardens to our local food banks. As of August 28, we have donated 3,000+ pounds, including nutritious greens, beans, carrots and squash. Our Garden Team is working more than usual to make sure none of the food growing in school gardens goes to waste.

We rely on community support to make this healthy, delicious food available to families in need. Join us!
We're Hiring!
We are now accepting applications for a bilingual (English/Spanish) Garden Coordinator / Educator. This person will work in the gardens and provide communication with and education for children and families in our school gardens. See the full job description, in English and Spanish, to see if this position is right for you or someone you know.
Fall Lessons Available on Video
Our Program Director, Lindsey LeCuyer, is creating video lessons and worksheets for teachers and parents to use at home to teach our curriculum. We will be releasing lessons for K-5, in English and Spanish, as the school year progresses. Check out our Educational Resources to see what is available now.
One in 11 of our Boulder County neighbors struggles with hunger, including more than 6,000 children. We invite you to participate in the CSU Grow & Give Modern Victory Garden Project by pledging to give a portion of your garden's harvest to local food banks. If you live in Boulder County, sign up here to join the local initiative. Our goal is to activate 500 gardeners to Grow & Give.

You may want to check out our Home Garden Resource Guide. Created by our Garden Director, Laurel Smith, it will help you through these last few weeks of gardening with produce to share with families in need. It feels so good to Grow & Give.
Growing You!
Book Review & Literacy Activities
Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens is a playful book about how Hare, a clever rabbit, tricks a lazy bear into giving up half of the vegetable harvest--and it’s always the best half! How does he do it?!

These literacy activities are designed by a language arts teacher to use with early elementary children. Check out our Educational Resources for more.
The Green Thumb Award goes to.....
We'd like to thank the Boulder County Evening Optimist Club which has been a steady support for Garden to Table this month. They harvested and weeded at Lafayette Elementary, Ryan Elementary, and Foothill Elementary. We are so grateful for their extra hands and enthusiasm for our Food for Families Campaign! Thank you to Marysia, Catherine, Lou, Judy, Jim, & Bernard.

Additionally, we'd like to thank the Chavira family for spending part of their day helping out at the Sanchez Elementary school garden. Yuriana and her children, Mildred, Edson, Benjamin and Jamilet harvested tomatoes, carrots and beans and planted beets. We are so happy to have some children back in the gardens!

If you would like to bring your family to help and explore a school garden, please reach out to
Thank you to our Sponsors:
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