Volume 30  | June 2017
Elevate Group Prayer

We know that group prayer is important, but sometimes we need a little help. What if no one in your group likes praying aloud? What if a group member gets highly emotional while sharing his request? What if your group has simply gotten into a prayer rut? These resources will help you elevate prayer in your group:

Teach Your Group to Be Comfortable with Prayer

For some groups, the idea of group prayer seems far off and unachievable. For other groups, group prayer has become a staple. When it comes to prayer, the role of the leader is two-fold:

  1. Personal prayer life: To continually develop his or her own prayer life.
  2. Group prayer: To help cultivate an environment of group prayer.
Learn prayer methods that can help anyone pray out loud with ease.

Meaningful Small Group Prayer Ideas

As small group leaders, we know that group prayer is important. But sometimes we're not sure how to make it meaningful. Amy Jackson presents several great ideas for small-group prayer. Learn how to focus your prayer requests, pray for people when you're not sure what to pray, and more.

Watch how to take your group prayer to the next level.

How to Handle Emotions in Your Small Group

We need to be prepared - at least at a baseline level - to engage with people at a deep heart level if we desire authenticity in our small groups. When our groups hold the value of authenticity, it's only a matter of time before we'll encounter high emotions, including passion, pain, or fear.

Discover six ways to minister to group members in the midst of emotional moments.

Save the Date!
Save the date for the events below, both for you and for your small group members: