Elevating Dairy Across Wisconsin
Local promotion activities help Wisconsin dairy farmers share dairy’s story of nutrition, community impact and environmental stewardship. 
Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin proudly supports local dairy promotion programs - through funding and educational or promotional materials - to build consumer trust in Wisconsin dairy products, dairy farmers and dairy farming practices. We efficiently extend local and national checkoff programs into local communities through a multitude of people we affectionately refer to as ‘Champions of Dairy’. These grassroots dairy efforts succeed thanks to these boots on the ground, dairy-loving volunteers: 
  • County dairy promotion groups 
  • Wisconsin FFA chapters 
  • Wisconsin 4-H 
  • Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and Ag in the Classroom 
If you’ve attended or organized a dairy promotion event, you know it takes many hands to bring these experiences to life. These volunteers are passionate champions of Wisconsin dairy and help connect consumers and farmers, building trust and helping to solidify dairy’s place in communities from one corner of the state to the other. 
As you are out and about celebrating dairy during National Dairy Month, be sure to extend a thank you to those volunteers who are there to share your story with consumers and help build that bridge of trust and love of dairy.  
Beth Schaefer 
Regional Program Manager at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin 
Celebrate National Dairy Month  
Who is looking forward to a dairy breakfast? We sure are! Whether your local breakfast is a ‘breakfast in a bag’, a dairy drive-thru, or a full out, filled to the brim on-farm experience, make the most of it by inviting your friends and neighbors to share in the event and learn more about dairy! 
Even during a pandemic, National Dairy Month in person promotions reached 32,657 and the digital reach equaled 131,648. We also supported five drive-thru dairy breakfasts and provided 63 promotion groups with a wide variety of promotion materials including banners, yard signs and much more. 
LeRoy Butler and Wisconsin Dairy is Leap Worthy 
LeRoy Butler is teaming up with DFW to share what he has learned by visiting Wisconsin dairy farms. Using social media throughout the year, Butler will share messaging to help better educate consumers about dairy farming. 
DFW took Butler to visit two Wisconsin dairy farms (Loehrs and Bonlenders) to find answers to questions he sees or hears through his social media or media appearances. He has over 500K followers on social media and our partnership will share farm and dairy stories with his fans, allowing us to continue to tell dairy’s story to a diverse audience who shares Butler's love for food, football and family. 

Follow Butler on his social channels:  
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