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I'm sure you're stunned and discombobulated like I am right now. Well, below are a couple perspectives which might help. My friend, Art, gave me some insight last night, also which could be useful. Paraphrasing: "with the GOP in charge of all branches of Gov't - there's no more blaming Dems for anything. The GOP get to rule. And, if they make a shit-show of it, it will be obvious they're useless and we can get rid of them en masse in 2 and then 4 years.  Meanwhile, take heart in this:
how the young vote
Now, if more of them will please come out to vote....  OK, the upbeat news first.
It's Going to Be Okay

A lot of people in this country feel like this right now: Or this: Or even this: I feel ya. It's a lot to take in. President Trump. The guy who said all those things over the last 18 months is our president, and the most powerful person in the...

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Then there's the harder, harsher, analysis. And I'm sure there's lots more of this to come, as well. 
America, humiliated

Old message: Fight for the rights of women and children for your entire career, advocate for multiple worthy causes, help millions through foundations, charities, nonprofits, champion all manner of progressive ideas and projects for more than 30...

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