Urgent Online Social Media Liability Course

New "Red Flag System" Eliminates Employee Social Media Mistakes

Off-Duty And At Work That

Destroy Your Public Image

Nationally Recognized  Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz teaches

you expert strategies that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Courts classify social media as an "inherently dangerous" broadcasting platform that can cause permanent reputational injury worldwide.

  • New 1983 federal standards require proof that all public employees received outside expert social media liability training to enforce their social media policy.

Is your previous training adequate? Take this basic social media law quiz.

Online Course Details

Registration Deadline: July 15, 2022

Delivery Method: On-Demand Course: 24/7 Access On Any Device

Course Outline: Click Here

License Duration: You have one year to finish a 3 hour course

Single Registration Cost: $79 per person (This fee is credited back to you if you register a larger group.)

Group Cost: $9 per person and a one-time portal set-up fee of $297

Website: www.socialmedialiability.com

Questions: Call 954-748-7698

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What You Walk Away With...

  • New skills to create posts, tweets, emails, and texts without liability.

  • Shatter "Free Speech" myths off-duty on personal accounts.

  • Post opinions without ever worrying about liability exposure.

  • Shield yourself from harassment and invasion of privacy claims. 

  • More strategies that protect you from career-ending speech mistakes.

In-House Attorneys, HR, And Communications Professionals Agree, No One Should Be Using Social Media Without This Type Of Expert Social Media Liability Training.

"Mark's Social Media liability program was great. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves your public image, and big legal fees."

Cindy Reid, Attorney

City of Davidson, NC

“Even after years of media training and being an experienced PIO, this class opened my eyes to developing trends in social media liability that I had not considered."


Yolanda Fernandez Walker, PIO

St. Petersburg, Florida

"Our organization has been concerned with potential liability with regards to social media. Finding an expert like Mark Fiedelholtz, who was willing to tailor training for our employees, helped guide our employees on the liability and risks on social media. Our employees are better prepared thanks to Mark’s social media liability training."


Brian Crane, City Manager

City of Moberly, MO (2021)

"Mark, you social media liability course was exceptional, it took fear away from our administration on what to post and what to delete. We feel more comfortable after taking this course and you were always available to answer questions. All organizations take this online course."

Chief Dwayne Wheeler, Taylorville, IL

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Did You Know That New Federal Standards Require Specific Language In Your Personal

Use Of Social Media Policy?

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