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Do you or your team need help getting past stops, frequent delays or continual interruptions and lengthy pauses?

The design of an effective operational strategy will get you and/or your team through those situations causing lost productivity or thru-put shutdowns.

Give me a call, connect on Skype, send an email or meet me at Corner Bakery Cafe, 9311 Katy Freeway (I-10 W at Echo Lane), 7:30 to 8:30 AM any Wednesday and we'll see what it will take for continual forward movement.

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PS: Remember that new professional development networking and special interest group I was asked to create? You can learn more here. Enrollments have started.

"Sometimes an outside influence is the only way to motivate the crew!"
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"The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much."
Ronald Reagan
"Find a niche. Make sales. Manage to profits. Repeat the process."
C. Dean Kring
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New York Yankee Babe Ruth connects with a Cleveland Indians pitch and 'The Sultan of Swat' scores his 500th career home run, making him the first major league baseball player in history to do so. Ruth isn't finished with the homers yet, as he will rack up 214 more before he retires.
Spurred by poverty, racism, and tension between residents and the city's police, riots break out in L.A.'s Watts neighborhood. Lasting six days, the worst rioting yet seen in the city's history will count more than 3,000 people arrested, over 1,000 injured, and 34 dead.
Writer/director George Lucas takes moviegoers back to the early 1960s with stories of drive-ins, high-school sock hops, and cruising the strip. The cast includes Richard DreyfussRon HowardMackenzie Phillips, and Cindy Williams, as well as a cameo from another future TV star.
Clive 'Kool Herc' Campbell is throwing a party in the rec room of his South Bronx, New York, apartment building and he plays dance music on the 'Merry Go Round,' two manually-controlled turntables. It's a great success, and DJ Kool Herc will be hailed by many as the father of hip-hop.
"Houston's greatest energy resource is entrepreneurial energy."
C. Dean Kring
"Recognized as an industry leader and pioneer in small business incubation" by the National Business Incubation Association and as "One of Houston's core entrepreneurial groups" by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and "Ranked the #1 new business development group in Houston" by Houston Proud!

We are a not-for-profit cooperative association of independent
business owners for market expansion, business development,
entrepreneurial education and professional growth.

We were created from a specific and priority research project of the Houston Chamber of Commerce in the late 1970's on the importance of start-up and emerging small businesses. We brought you Houston's first small business incubator, which became Texas' oldest, the first co-working space in Texas, the first Womens Business Center in the United States and the first Residency Incubator and first Virtual Accelerator Program in the World. Our clients have ranged from pre-start-ups to the largest companies in the United States! We clearly demonstrated that entrepreneurship could be taught, that business plans were not a requirement for a successful business, that women were starting businesses at a faster rate than men and that entrepreneurship was color-blind and gender neutral. Our start-ups have won virtually every award in Houston for business growth, some nationally, some even internationally and some of our established client companies are now household names in Houston. We operate entirely without grants, gifts, donations or public funding. We don't have our hand out and are NOT your tax dollars at work! We are totally self-sufficient!

We grow companies, build careers and advance ideas!
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