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June 16, 2017

Elite Dance Studio Presents "Ragtime" 
Ballet Rehearsal and Show Schedule 2017
It's almost show time! Below are some final reminders about our upcoming Ballet Rehearsal and Shows.

All dancers need to arrive to DRESS REHEARSAL on time and ready to dance.  Dancers need to be in full costume and hair, but they do not need stage make up. Please take a moment to review all rehearsal and show information. 
Please click this link for our recital website page.

Below is a recap of our rehearsal schedule:
Act I
Thursday 6:00- Teen/Sr CC 
Thursday 5:00- Mini I PC 
Monday 3:30- Kinder 
Wednesday 4:15- 6-7 
Monday 7:00- Jr I CC 
Wednesday 5:00- 7-8 
Thursday 3:30- Mini II PC 
Tuesday 5:00- Jr II + 
Teen/SrCC Dancers

Act II
Monday 8:00- Teen/Sr CC 
Wednesday 3:30- 8-10 
Wednesday 6:15- Beg Pointe 
Monday 5:00- Jr II CC Thursday 4:15- 8-10 
Thursday 7:15- Teen/Sr Pointe 
Wednesday 5:00- Teen III 
Tuesday 6:15- Jr CC Pointe 
Monday 6:00- 10-12 
Finale- CC Dancers

Dress Rehearsal
(Dancer's come in costume and hair but no make up needed)

Saturday, June 17th at Liberty High School Auditorium

9:00-10:45- Act I
10:45-11:15 - Final Bow Rehearsal-ALL BALLET DANCERS 11:15-1:00 - Act II

Show Time s

Liberty High School Auditorium
Saturday, June 17th
4:00pm & 7:00pm
Dancer's need to be in their dressing room 30 minutes before showtime.  Please allow plenty of time to go through "dancer check in".
Studio Reminders:

We still have some "Ragtime" tickets available!  We will have these tickets available to purchase during rehearsal and at the door.  Tickets are 12.00 each. Please pay in cash or check.

Doors will open 30 minutes before show time.  Please have your tickets in hard copy, printed or on your smart phone ready to show our ticket takers.  Spectators will receive a stamp and must show the stamp for remittance into the auditorium anytime during the show.

Please remember tickets are General Seating. 

If your dancer missed the last week of classes, they can pick up their class pictures and end of the year medal during rehearsals.

We are so proud of all our Ballet students and we are looking forward to an entertaining show.


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