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April 29, 2019

Picture Day is Sunday May 19th 

Pictures will be taken at Elite Dance Studio by Northwest Sports Photography.  
We tried our hardest to create a schedule that grouped classes together as well as staggering times to allow smooth costume changes.  Remember we pride ourselves on staying RIGHT ON SCHEDULE...so please do not be late!
**If you have multiple classes, you might see them scheduled at the same time.  That is ok, we are aware and will make sure it all works!
phographerCouple reminders about Picture Day:
~Dancer's need to arrive at their assigned report time dressed in full costume, hair and make up.  Don't forget their dance shoes and accessories.
~ Teachers will pass out order forms the week of Pictures.  

**Dancers need to have an order packet per class, but you can write one check for the full amount.  Just mark the check number on each additional form and include all the classes on the checks memo line.

~Please write day/class/time and teacher on each form.
~If you are not ordering pictures, we still encourage you to attend picture day so you can be a part of the class picture. 
~If you are unable to attend pictures, please email us so we are not waiting for your dancer.

Recital Tights!

Click here for  Recital Show Tights 
Click here for  

We have a full stock of tights available to purchase at the front desk.  
Remember... Dancers need to have the correct tights by Picture Day.  It's always a good idea to buy an extra pair, just in case...plus they can wear them for class later.  If you have questions about your class tights, please feel free to ask their teacher. 

Recital/Picture Day Hair and Make Up!
The last attachment will outline the required hair style for each class and will also give some helpful hints and products for appropriate stage make up.  Remember, make up is an important part of the dancer's overall look on stage.  
Teachers have  discussed with each class how to wear their costumes hair accessories, but don't worry; the teachers will be on hand at Picture Day to make sure everyone matches!  It's a great "dress rehearsal" before the big show!
Click here for  Recital Hair and Make Up tips.
I will be updating all this information on the website as well.  You can always click on our recital page to view and print any of the information I email out.

Please watch next week for another important Recital Newsletter. This newsletter will include Rehearsal Schedule, Show Times, Ticket Order information, Room Mom Sign Up and more.

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