Dear Elite Families,

We understand that there is a great deal of uncertainty and stress about what school will look like in the fall and how some parents will manage jobs, schedules, and more. We know this will be particularly challenging for single parents, those who work in essential services, and those who can’t work from home and supervise children at the same time. To help these folks out, we are designing a special Elite school solution!

While we are still unclear about what the official school week or day will look like, we know that we will offer a program that meets all of your needs, including full-day coverage, instructional time with access to great WiFi to follow online classes, tutoring services, structured play, and, of course, safety!

  • We will create a safe and comfortable environment for children, replete with appropriate social distancing, cohort grouping, mask wearing, hand washing, and more safety protocols.
  • We have ample space to create many classrooms and school day experiences that enable physical distancing so your kids remain safe. 
  • We have a great staff with a variety of skills and degrees that can help ensure your child progresses and has a good time! These team members are experienced with managing safety protocols and fun for our kids during our summer camp. We also are actively recruiting skilled school instructors to enhance our curricular offerings. If you know someone who might be interested in helping teach for us, kindly ask them to email

Currently, we are gathering interest in such a program and starting to collaborate with parents to develop the optimal offering.  If you are interested, kindly fill out this form as soon as possible to indicate your interest. We will work with those interested to ensure they have a spot and to craft the program to meet all of their needs. 


Have a wonderful day!

Your Elite Management Team