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Things I Must Earn

Not able to hear the whispered blessings & guidance from God
I have become deaf
Elizabeth with the Master of Recovery in Poetry, Matt Ganem, Massachusetts Banyan Treatment Center
I am driven by fear & false pride
Every day I face Satan & feel like the walking dead
Not able to see the beauty that is all around me I have become blind
A prisoner in my own mind my skull the cell bars my emotions are stuck behind
I am bound &shackled to this addiction it is the ultimate ruler & I am it's slave
When it's hungry if not fed w/ God & the 12 steps will slowly dig me 6 ft under dead in a grave
While my past keeps pulling me back, the present keepin me stuck, & the future having me worried
Not learning to take life....

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-Elizabeth Mooney is a woman in recovery and works for MOAR as Regional Coordinator for the Southeast and Metrowest areas. Contact her at
State Lawmakers Propose New Funding for Addiction and Recovery Services

On April 10th, the MA House Ways and Means Committee (HWM) released a draft of their Fiscal Year 2018 proposal.  MOAR along with our partners in the Massachusetts Coalition for Addiction Services (MCAS) were grateful to see:

  • $500,000 to distribute Narcan to addiction treatment provider programs
  • $1 million to preserve and expand the Massachusetts Access to Recovery (MA-ATR) program (new funding)
  • $1 million for at least two new recovery centers
  • $1 million to increase the number of treatment beds
  • Moves the $5 million dollars in funding for the Substance Abuse Services fund into the BSAS Main Budget.

Legislators are currently working on amendments to the HWM budget, which will go up for a vote in front of the full house next week.  After this, the budget will move to the senate and eventually to the governor.  Please stay tuned to our website and social media outlets for upcoming advocacy opportunities!


For an in-depth analysis of the FY18 HWM Budget, please check the website of our MCAS partners at The Association for Behavioral Healthcare:


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MOAR Spotlight on Sensible Strategy
     MOAR Diversion to Treatment,
   MOAR Good Samaritan Law Protection,
     MOAR Insurance Coverage

Representative Elizabeth Malia, a long-time friend of MOAR , has introduced a comprehensive proposal (H2181) originally sponsored by Mayor Walsh.  Entitled "An act relative to substance use disorder diversion and treatment" the bill would formalize jail diversion process for non-violent offenders, expand Good Samaritan protections, and mandate better insurance coverage. 
MOAR thinks these are great ideas and asks you to consider letting your representative know that H2181 should become law!
MOAR and Friends 2017 Alcohol Awareness Month Statewide Town Hall Meeting
Recovery Rocked All throughout Mechanics Hall in Worcester

MOAR thanks our sponsors, our speakers, and the recovery community for making our Alcohol Awareness event a great success!
MOAR Executive Director Maryanne Frangules kicks off the event.
O ur Alcohol Awareness Statewide Town Hall Meeting is reflective of our BSAS supported Peer to Peer Network Project to coordinate advocacy and action... This is how we voice the needs of persons in recovery - making our faces "Visible", Voices "Vocal", and prove Recovery is "Valuable."

Everyday Miracles Recovery Center, Recovery Connection, and the A.E.D. Foundation were Speaking Out for Addiction Recovery (SOAR). SOAR , a project of   MOAR   is moving to create a strong statewide network of Recovery Community Organizations.   SOAR Director Kirsten Doherty introduced representatives from the three recovery centers who energized all about their innovative peer to peer programs!!!
MOAR Friend Recovery Poet, and Director of Banyan Treatment Massachusetts shares his work, and reminds us that everyone in recovery is a Miracle
This is Jasmine and Vesper from The Kiva Center, a Recovery Learning Center, representing Transformation Center. They discussed mental health recovery. Transformation Center and MOAR with Parent Professional Advocacy League at the lead are participating in a SAMHSA Statewide Recovery and Resiliency Grant. Our focus is to partner to address ways to bridge systems together to support youth, adults, and families.  

Frank Abner s hared about the SAMHSA Targeted Capacity - Peer to Peer Network grant led by The Boston Pubic Health Commission wit MOAR as a partner. Frank helps facilitate the peer led Safe and Sound Recovery Center programs.
Rep James O'Day, our favorite legislator from the 14th Worcester District, reinforces Voices for Recovery Count

So how about this... Meet Karina Graham, Adcare Alumna, speaking out for addiction recovery. Karina participated in a MOAR
Recovery Messaging Skill Building Session. Thank you to Adcare Hospital for making MOAR Recovery Messaging Skill Building Session possible ! MOAR Interested? Expect to see MOAR
featured along with AREAS - Addiction Recovery Education Access Services - ..........a Peer to Peer "How to Cope Series" - on housing, education, CORI! Plus --- " Public Policy - Educating Our Policymakers"
Cassandra Bensahih excited everyone with a call to action for Jobs Not Jails. 
She shared about common sense justice reforms including eliminating mandatory drug sentences, raising the felony threshold, and lowering the CORI sealing times.   
MOAR Staff celebrates a great event with the lovely ladies from the Devine Recovery Center and Recovery Leader Mario Chaparro.

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MOAR Thanks to Our Fabulous Sponsors for Making the Event Possible!
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How you can do MOAR this alcohol awareness month
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