When new patients come to CrossOver it has often been years since they have seen a dentist, if they’ve ever seen one at all. This is why patient education is a vital part of our dental program.

Prior to her first hygienist visit at CrossOver, Elizabeth had not had a cleaning, exam, or dental x-rays in 20 years. During her first visit, the hygienist spent considerable time educating her about her teeth, her health, and the connection between the two.  Our dental team then developed an in-depth personalized treatment plan for her.

Now when Elizabeth comes for her dental appointments, she asks great questions. She wants to know more about her own oral health, and how she can start her three-year- old grandson on the right path.

“I want to take care of his teeth now so he doesn’t go through life in pain the way I have,” Elizabeth says.

She now knows that she should be brushing his baby teeth every day, and that even at three-years-old he needs regular dental visits.

Elizabeth is now changing the culture around oral health in her family. She is applying what she learns from her hygienist at home, with hope that her grandson will develop the critical foundation necessary to embrace a lifetime of oral healthcare, both at home and in the dental office.