First appeal to sign up for the Elkfarm Club: Feb. 1, 2018
Share this treat with someone you love. Think of your favorite person in the world, living, and imagine sitting with that person to talk, to laugh, to share life, and to do it with a cup of coffee, tea, or glass of milk. And there's one of these for each of you.

My Elkin aunts north of Oslo, Norway, delivering milk and good cheer to shut-ins, every Wednesday. Driving down the trail, their laughter drowns out the sound of the motorcycle. Some days they even jam the person into this sidecar to haul her to the doctor's office or grocery store. Warning: this might just be a story

Who has questions about the new Elkfarm Club?

I'm not to this point yet, but I can understand it. Loren

Engagement photo of the year from the website IMA DOORMAT. Not sure how long this marriage will last. (honest, taken from a series of unique engagement photos; Ima Doormat might not be an actual site.)


Norwegian/ overseas committee member for the Elkfarm Club. She doesn't know it yet, but she will after she reads this. Thanks Hilde.

Central Park, New York City

The new membership site Elkfarm Club begins March 1, and sign-up/ orientation takes place throughout February. If I get enough people signing up for membership, I will never again post this caricature of me.

The benefits of joining the Elkfarm Club will be listed at the bottom of this email, but the top Club feature will be 4 Elkfarm emails like this each month.

If the weather cooperates, in April this will be the scene of the first meeting of the Elkfarm Club. ;-) I'm buying, and the menu may include lutefisk, or not.

A favorite location of new stories is the Blalock Mansion (below this picture) on 7th Street in Port Edwards, WI, . In this mansion the monsters are terrified and the residents, patients, and members comfort them.

A new direction. Beginning in March I'm going to create a program called the Elkfarm Club. I hope you join.

Elkfarm Club includes:

1.    Four Elkfarm email mailings per month like the one you just read
2.    A personal letter, post office delivered, to each member every month. You’ll also get a personal letter in response to the letter you send if you sign up in February: a receipt and a welcome note
3.    Thoughts on writing ideas and story development—changes month to month. For instance, I'd like to share with you the development of the character Lester, someone I've most recently described in an blog post.
4.    An e-book each month. Free download. But if you don’t read electronically and use e-readers, I’ll try to work out an alternative. E-books can be read on phones, Kindles, or other tablets.
The first e-book comes out at the end of February: Growing Up in Amery, my first book written 30 years ago. A print copy is no longer available, but at this moment I am getting the book converted to an electronic book. It will be available on Amazon, and I'll arrange for you to download it for free.
5.    Other features as I think of ideas
I'll continue sending Elkfarm emails like the one you just read, sending to those of you who don't sign up for the Elkfarm Club. Aiming for a going away party the first day of spring.

The cost of membership? $5 per month, paid 2 months at a time. $10 would take care of March and April.
I've got a Paypal account but have to work out the details.

To join, please send $10 by check or cash to:

Loren Elkin: Elkfarm Club
910 7th Street
Port Edwards, WI 54469
Please include your name, mailing address, phone number, and a short description of you and your interests. NO ONE will have access to this information except Marilyn and me.

For instance, I'd wite my name, address, phone number (715-887-2170) and: I enjoy writing, am a retired teacher, live in Central Wisconsin, and am married with a daughter Stephanie north of Appleton, WI, and a son Justin in Chattanooga, TN.