Last month, we emailed a year-end survey to Lodge Veterans Chairs. Our goal was to get a better sense of what Elks accomplished at the local level, and to hear how volunteers struggled and how they succeeded. Well, the results are in! And, they’re enlightening.  

With some things, the results were universal. Nearly 87% of people thought the Elks programs were relevant and serving the needs of today’s veterans. (The other 13% answered “somewhat.”) 

On the other hand, the responses about what Lodges needed to succeed varied wildly. Some Lodges reported an abundance of volunteers and donations. More reported a lack of funding, and a few reported feeling overwhelmed by veterans’ requests for support. The average number of veterans events run by a Lodge last year was 15, but individual responses ranged from 0 to 90, with 11 Lodges reporting 50 or more.

Click here to learn more. Thanks to all the Lodge Veterans Chairs who participated!