Celebrate with Ella!

Dear Ella Jenkins film fans,

With just 12 Days to go in the campaign, we're looking for a big push to go out with a bang! If you've been meaning to back the campaign and haven't yet, now is the time!

We're also still on the lookout for match donors and Executive Producer level contributors. To arrange to make a tax-deductible donation to the film, contact me directly at morningbugle@gmail. com.

Please forward this email to those you know who love Ella, and remind your friends and family to spread the word as well! Sometimes a gentle reminder is key. Sometimes a not-so-subtle reminder works as well!

Free 90th Birthday Celebration

Tomorrow is the big day of Ella's 90th Birthday Party here in Chicago. We're excited. Ella's excited. Won't you join us?

Our film crew will be out at Bauler Park to capture the proceedings from 12 - 2 pm, and we'll have volunteers taking donations for the film. We'll have a limited number of thank you gifts including some of Ella's CDs, t-shirts, a very small run of signed event posters, and harmonicas available for your donation, (at a bit of a discount from the campaign site.)

Come by to cELLAbrate, and pledge your support for Ella and the film. (See what I did there?)

You can read all about the event and film in the Just Kidding section of today's Chicago Tribune, with a wonderful article by Judy Sutton Taylor.

Meet Ella with New Perks!

We've got some new perks that were just introduced, including "Ask Ella" at the $500 or more level, and "Lunch With Ella" for the very generous donation of $5000 or more. Check the new perks out online, or let me know if you have any questions about any of the perks.

50,000 Watts of Love

I had the supreme pleasure of visiting with Steve Cochran of WGN Radio on Wednesday morning. Not only did I get to chat with Steve about the film, but the whole morning team as well. (I was seated next to Orion Samuelson, and if that rings a bell, then you know how excited I was!)

If you missed it live, you can listen to the interview that put out 50,000 watts of love for Ella here. Thanks to my brother Mike, for helping to make it happen!

Backer Contests

Jan R. of Chicago is the winner of an Ella Jenkins harmonica in the color of her choice. Elizabeth R. of Chicago won the WGN Donor contest for a full set! They're going out in the mail ASAP!

This weekend we'll give away an "I Heart Ella" t-shirt to a new, randomly selected donor who gives $50 or more to the Indiegogo campaign! We'll even ask Ella to autograph it.

Big Honors

Just yesterday, Ella's latest CD on Smithsonian Folkways was awarded the highest honor from the Parent's Choice Foundation with the Classic Award. If you don't have More Multicultural Children's Songs yet, we'll have copies available tomorrow at Bauler Park. If you ask nicely, I'll bet Ella will autograph it for you.

We'll have more news and coverage soon, including some great TV love for Ella and the film!

As another legendary Chicagoan, Curtis Mayfield said, let's "Keep on Pushin'!"
Keep sharing, posting and pledging so we can bring Ella's story to the screen.

Feeding the Cow,
Tim Ferrin
Producer/Director Ella Jenkins: We'll Sing a Song Together

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