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Wow! I am not sure if March came in like a lion or a lamb! Weather warm enough to open windows wide in late February, then torrential rains, high winds, light snow cover, cold and warm again...whew! I live in Ohio, so that could explain it all!
So many changes in the world and such high emotion....even Mother Nature is a bit confused. It's been hard to just remain  non judgmental  and just be.

I have been thinking about something I want to offer to those of you who are thinking about starting a metaphysical business or have recently started one and you are struggling. This would be for folks who are already aware and comfortable with their abilities, know how to smudge,channel, chant and have their own collection of tools(tarot cards,books, etc)...LOL What I want to share is 27 years of learning the how of getting clients,running the business(remember I am a typical Pisces  ...a bit dreamy and scattered, not to mention eccentric ). If you are interested email me at 
Depending on how many are interested will determine how I'll share this information with you. There was no one to help me when I started and I still think there is a need.

March 4 
Private Party - Roseville, Ohio

Sunday March 5
11 am to 5 pm
Psychic & Holistic Fair
Lafayette Hotel - Marietta, Ohio
Sign up for a psychic reading at Ellen's table

March 11 & 12
Gift of Light Expo
Ohio Expo Center
Sign up for a reading at Ellen's booth # 306

March 24 & 25
Holiday Inn - Athens, Ohio
Psychic Readings by appointment only
Contact Ellen to schedule

March 31
Private Party - Zanesville, Ohio

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