From upstate New York comes the story of Meadow, a year-old English cream golden retriever, who went missing from her family, Gary and Debbie Morgan. In fact, Meadow was missing for ten days.

The Morgans became distraught over the loss of their beloved pet and they posted a missing dog poster online, with information about the wooded area near Andes, N. Y. being where Meadow was last seen. That’s when Brian James, a licensed hiking guide and drone pilot, decided that he might be able to help.

As reported in this ABC News story, Brian theorized that in the forests near Andes, with fall foliage gone and no snow yet on the ground, it might be possible to spot a white dog from the air. He deployed his drone and after scouring the countryside, he saw a small patch of white fur. He quickly rushed to the area where he found Meadow uninjured and incredibly happy to see a human.

I share this story in part because of my love for goldens, but also because it demonstrates the power of another human stopping to assist other humans (and their pup). Take a moment to watch the ABC New video (above) of the Morgans expressing their gratitude for Brian’s help in finding Meadow—it will touch your heart!

As Brian summarized, “Everybody’s got the capability to help. You never know what will come of it.”

You never know what will come of it. Wise words about the need to give of one's time to help other humans. One act of kindness literally can change the life of someone else (or of their beloved pet)!