From Owensboro, KY, we learn of Minh Best, whose parents, Sarah and Justin Best, transported her from a Vietnamese orphanage to the U.S. on her second birthday. In the two years since then, Minh has melted her parents’ hearts and established herself as a precocious artist. In fact, some of her art has been sold to finance her visits to camp.

It’s a wonderful story, right?

What makes Minh’s story especially noteworthy is that she was born without arms. Adding to that incredible challenge was that Minh’s legs lacked necessary bone growth, meaning that initially, she couldn’t walk. (In the two years since Minh’s adoption, she’s undergone medical procedures which gave her the strength to walk.)

The absence of arms doesn’t prove much of an impediment for Minh. She uses her feet and toes to do many things, including painting, opening plastic water bottles, putting on her clothes, and yes, even blowing bubbles!

Given that both of Minh’s parents are special education teachers, Minh has had a good foundation; as Sarah explained to the Evansville Courier & Press, Minh “(W)ould sit for thirty minutes and try and figure (something) out on her own. After the first five minutes, when I would offer to help, she’d be like, ‘No, no, that’s Minh’s’ So she’d keep trying. Eventually, she’d be like, ‘Ta da! I did it!’”

The camp which Minh’s artwork sales helped her attend is named “Camp No Limits” and is for kids with limb loss. At camp, Minh has met kids her age, older kids, and adults who have limb loss. One of those adults showed Minh how to put on her own shirt.

The human spirit is incredible, as Minh’s story demonstrates. If a four-year-old girl can face life’s challenges head-on, don’t you think we adults can do that too?

Hooray for you, Minh. You’ve inspired me and so many others! Click here to read about Minh.