Some time ago, an Uber driver named Latonya Young picked up a passenger outside Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. When the passenger, Kevin Esch, asked Latonya about her day job, she reported that she was a hair stylist. She added that while she had started college to get a criminal justice degree with the hope of someday becoming a lawyer, school wasn’t possible at that moment because of an unpaid $700 school debt.

As reported by CNN , Latonya remembered telling Kevin, “Every time I got ready to pay the money (for the school debt), my kids needed something…OK, I’ll just wait.” In the course of the same conversation, Latonya, then 43 and a single mother, told Kevin she had to drop out of high school at 16 to raise her first child.

Unbeknownst to Latonya, her story touched Kevin. “There was something about Latonya that just…she resonate(d) with me,” he said.

Kevin decided he could do something to help Latonya—he secretly contacted Georgia State University where Latonya had been a student and arranged to pay off her student debt. That allowed her to go forward with registering for the new semester; eventually, she completed her courses with As and Bs and she recently graduated with an associate degree in criminal justice.

About Kevin’s kindness, Latonya reported,” Literally, I was blown away. A stranger has never done that—or anything like that—for me.”

Kevin and Latonya stayed in touch and became friends. Latonya said that her good grades were her way of showing Kevin that his kindness was worthwhile.

As for Kevin: “I could’ve bought new clothes or I could’ve helped someone out,” he said. “And what has come back to me has come back a hundredfold and I would do it 1,000 times over.”

This story is all about paying attention to another human and understanding that not everyone gets the same breaks in life. Sometimes, we need to intervene and create breaks for someone else. Way to go Kevin!