A scheduling mistake at a Birmingham, AL Waffle House left it with just one employee on hand to handle the evening bar rush. That’s when the Waffle House team member, “Ben”, learned that sometimes, people are willing to pitch in under the most unusual circumstances.

As recounted in this story in AL.com , and another piece , as it became clear that Ben was overwhelmed with way too many customers, a man in a “blue shirt” stood up and asked Ben for an apron. He then went to work bussing tables and doing the dishes. As one customer put it, the man in the blue shirt “saw this other person (Ben) in a bad spot and just wanted to jump in.”

However, the help didn’t stop there. You’ll see in the AL.com story photos of several other customers who helped out, including a woman in an obvious evening dress and heels delivering orders to customers. A customer who observed the whole thing said, “It was one of the most wild instances of really, really cool people just coming together.”

Once again, humans demonstrate that when they allow their empathetic hearts to act, we show up in multiple numbers helping someone else. Quite wonderful!