Motion Control Solution for Any Application

Elmo Motion Control designs servo drives, advanced network motion controller & complete motion control solutions for industrial and harsh environment applications for all motors. We provide breakthrough solutions unmatched in performance, reliability and ease-of-use, offering a one-stop motion control solutions that can answer the needs of any application.

The Maestro Family

Machine Motion Controllers for Any Application

World Class Multi Axis control, Most Efficient EtherCAT Networking
The Maestro is Elmo's Machine Motion Controllers family, featuring World Class Multi- Axis control Capabilities, Advance machinery functionalities, highly efficient Network Mastering, and operation in conjunction with Elmo  Servo drives creating unbeatable "World Class" Solution.
The Maestro family adheres to EtherCAT and CANopen networking standards, enabling precise, multi-axis control with cost-effective integration. It enables fast implementations using standard programming environments like IEC 61131-3, PLCopen, .NET and Win32 C++.
The Benefits of the Maestros: State of the Art innovative motion control technology, shortest developing time, long term stable throughput, Lasting reliability and overall most competitive solution.

Power Supplies for Servo Applications
"One Solution" isn't just a slogan for us. We understand your business needs down to the finest details. We also appreciate that in this industry time means money. So we have designed for you  servo power supplies that are cost-efficient and meet the highest safety standards.
The  Tambourine-20 is Elmo's latest compact, direct-to-mains power supply for servo applications. The Tambourine complements our servo drives that do not include an integrated power supply.
Elmo's  Tambourine-100 is a state-of-the-art, thermally protected power supply that accepts 3-phase voltage source up to 3 x 480 VAC.
Elephant, for harsh environment operation, -40°C to+70°C, Vibrations up to 14GRMS.

Servo Drives
Elmo brings you a series of three major servo drives and amplifiers - the Gold, the SimplIQ, and the ExtrIQ.

Gold Servo Drives

The  Gold servo drives, are a result of over 200 engineering years and a natural evolution of SimplIQ technology. Supporting both CANopen and EtherCAT protocols and equipped with the latest advanced technology has to offer, the line is the cutting-edge in servos!

SimplIQ Servo Drives

The  SimplIQ servo drives have been in operation for over a decade and today, hundreds of thousands continue to exhibit utmost reliability and performance proving why they are still considered a top servo drive on the market.

ExtrIQ Servo Drives

The  ExtrIQ servo drives bring applications operating under extreme environmental conditions that are the ultimate suite of durable, hi-tech motion control products.

Differences Between Gold and SimplIQ Servo Drives
  • Gold servo drives have a higher and wider servo performance Bandwidth, Current, Velocity, Position, Dual Loop, Gantry, etc. The Gold Line has a significantly wider current (Torque) and dynamic range.
  • SimplIQ servo drives support CANopen Communication.
  • Gold servo drives support EtherCAT & CANopen, and real-time of the latter is significantly improved.
  • Gold servo drives support any feedback and have higher capabilities, performance and flexibilities in feedback manipulation for dual loops, Gantry, MIMO, etc.
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