Your July 2016 Monthly Elmore SPCA News & Updates
Elmore exists because of the support of all of you. We are not funded in any way by a larger organization, nor do we receive government aid. Our mission is clear, but our resources are limited. That is why we need you to Help Us...Help Them. 

On Sunday, July 17, Elmore will conduct what has become one of our larger fundraisers. This event is our Annual Golf Tournament, and we invite you to join us by forming a team.  If you do not play golf, then share the information with friends that do. Thank you to everyone, both past and present, that has made this event possible!

July Happenings...

Monday, July 4, Elmore closed for Independence Day.

Sat, July 9, 9:30am-11am, Cumberland 12 Cinemas
     Adoptable pets available @ The Secret Life of Pets

Fri, July 15, 11am-2pm, Dannemora Fed Credit Union
     Adoptable pets on-site, Tom Miller Road

Sun, July 17, Elmore Golf Tournament, Barracks GC,
     Noon start time.   Team Registration Form

Wed, July 20, VT Cat Spay/Neuter Transport, 
     Call Carol  at 534-3484 to schedule.

**Above events are subject to change without notice.  

How Can You Help?
Donate to Elmore's annual garage sale
Call Carol at 534-3484

The next trip will be on Wednesday, July 20. Trips are made once a month as a service to community residents. Kittens must be at least 3 months to be altered. The cost for spaying a female is $60, and a male $50. A rabies vaccine costs $5 and a distemper shot is a $5 also.  Each feline receives a health check for fleas, ear mites, and tapeworm.  Pickups are done in the morning, and return in the afternoon.  If you are interested in sending your cat or cats to the clinic, please call Carol at 534-3484 to make a reservation or for more information.  

Now in its fifth year, Rescued Treasures, the Elmore SPCA thrift shop, has become a go to place for affordable items by many in the community. Open 10am to 4pm, 6 days a week, we are staffed by twelve talented and dedicated volunteers.
While customers of all ages find what they need at bargain prices, they also provide assistance for Elmore animals, and support recycling of goods that still have useful purpose.
As a member of the Downtown Association, Rescued Treasures seeks to work with other local businesses to improve the downtown shopping experience.  Our participation in First Weekends and Destination Downtown gives customers added opportunity to take advantage of our great prices.
Stop by and view our beautifully designed ever-changing store window displays, and peruse our eclectic inventory. "Like" us on Facebook, and always be up to date on our latest offerings!

In Honor of
All Elmore adopted pets & their families
Elmore Donors & Volunteers

In Memory of
Roosevelt Williams by family & friends
Lance Layhee by family & friends
Timothy Martin by Karen Ormsby, David Price and Michael Matroni
Lorraine St. Pierre by Anet St. Pierre & NCCS High School Sunshine Fund
Luke by George Bombard
Janice McCulloch by Mary Worden

Shelter Spotlight


I ntakes: 44
Dogs: 21
Cats: 23
Small Mammals: 0

Redemptions (return to owner): 9

Adoptions: 19
Dogs: 10
Cats: 9
Small Mammals: 0

Ernie, July's Adoptable Pet of the Month  

Begging Items  We Really Need...
****Mr Clean with Febreeze, 55 Gallon Trash Bags, 39 Gallon Trash Bags, 13 Gallon Trash Bags, Dawn Dish Soap, Paper Towels, Bottled Water and Disposable Baking Pans for Litter Pans for isolated cats and kittens
**Non-clumping Clay Cat Litter, ALWAYS needed!

Begging Items We Would Really Love to Have...
This pressure washer is on sale at Lowe's for $199.00! Having this pressure washer would help our amazing team at Elmore clean the outside pens and wire/transport kennels that are used frequently here at Elmore SPCA. This is a great product at a wonderful price. 

Glens Falls National Bank Adoption Day & Microchip Clinic
Bank officer and Elmore SPCA Board Director Becki Moss-Patnode holding Bumble Bee.
Kittens smoozing with visitors.
Elmore Loves ~ Happy Tail Updates!
Send your Elmore Happy Tail picture to
 and it could be featured in next month's newsletter banner.  
A new animal selected each month.
Recently adopted Butter and Marmalade, now known as Neville and Luna (after characters from Harry Potter)! They are doing great, and have become a part of our family! Our dog loves them and all three of them play together constantly. They are growing so fast!
Gator loves his new home!

Skippy...Rub my belly?!

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Our Mission Statement
To provide shelter and comfort for animals in need that are on their path to finding loving lifetime homes. To care for the homeless, to defend the abused, cherish the elderly and disabled, and to fight with unrelenting diligence for the recognition of the integrity of all animals.

Board of Directors
Laurie Parsons, President
Carol Solari-Ruscoe, Secretary
Inger Joy, Treasurer
Rebecca Patnode, Director

Rebecca Burdo, Shelter Manager

Cheri Reynolds, Volunteer Coordinator

SueEllen Coste, Membership Coordinator

Bonnie Miller, Coin Collection Coordinator