September 2016 Elmore SPCA News & Updates
September Happenings...
Thur, Fri, & Sat, Sept 1-3, Elmore Garage Sale
10 Pinewood Avenue. Thurs-Fri 8am-5pm,
Sat 8am-3pm. **Garage sale includes both 
Elmore and Private sale items.  

Mon, Sept 5, Elmore Closed for Labor Day

Wed, Sept 14, Elmore Cat Spay/Neuter Transport
Call Carol at 534-3484 to schedule. $60 includes Spay/Neuter, vaccinations, treatments-fleas, ear mites, & worms, if needed. $10 transport fee per household.

*Events are subject to change without notice.  
Sat, Sept 17,  Elmore Street Drive
Plattsburgh - Boyton Avenue, US Avenue, Cornelia Street. 9am-3pm
Volunteers needed, contact or 572-6485

Sat, Sept 17,  PetSmart Adoption Day
Elmore adoptable animals on site

Thur, Sept 22, CC Health Dept  Rabies Clinic
6-8:30pm, Mooers Fire Station, 
2508 Route 11

Tues, Sept 27,  CC Health Dept  Rabies Clinic
6-8:30pm, Dannemora Fire Station, 
163 Emmons Street

What is Elmore SNIP?

SNIP--Spay/Neuter Incentive Program, provides vouchers that subsidize a portion of the cost for cat or dog spay/neutering for use at local participating veterinarian offices.  

In January 2016, Elmore kicked off this program after raising seed money in the amount of $5,000. As of July, Elmore has issued $5,715 in vouchers to Clinton County residents, and have replenished the funds with $3,384.69 from fundraising and donations.

Requests for vouchers continue to pour in. Please help us to keep this needed and valuable community service going. 

Program benefits include improved quality of life for animals and reduced population. 

Animal Shelters Evolve

Nationally, today's shelter is not only the place you go to adopt a pet, but it is also the resource pet owners often seek out for assistance to keep their animal in their homes. 

We know that the cost of ordinary pet care today is very expensive. W e never want anyone denied the love and companionship of their beloved pet, because basic necessities are not affordable.  

In the past, animal surrender was considered the only option when contacting an animal shelter.  Today we strive to offer possibilities. We look to work together to identify obstacles, pursue options, and hopefully, keep loved pets in their homes.  When surrender or rehoming is necessary, we look to provide choice to address these needs.  

Like pet owners, we too are extremely saddened when requests exceed our ability to provide help. We take the responsibility you have entrusted in us very seriously, and will continue to labor for improved animal resources.

Dog/Cat Flea & Tick Defense

Looking for low-cost flea and tick treatments? Look no further, Elmore offers Vetri-Science Flea and Tick Defense for $7 (including tax) per treatment.


Intakes: 48
Dogs: 29
Cats: 18
Small Mammals: 1

Redemptions (return to owner): 11

Adoptions: 32
Dogs: 11
Cats: 20
Small Mammals: 1

**Last month's newsletter labeled 
   statistics as  July in error.  
   They were June's statistics. 


Non Clumping (Clay) Cat Litter
Kitten Dry Food
Cat & Kitten Toys
Dog Kongs
Dog Leashes 
(goo d on collars & harnesses)
Paper Towels
Lysol Spray 

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Dory & Orien  September Adoptable Pets of the Month   

In Honor of
All volunteers and staff members that worked 
long hours in the heat on August renovations.

In Memory of
Robert Riani by Robi Scott
Rick Lucia by Judy Mannix and Friends at Iroquois Campground
Leo Giroux by Maribeth Warner 
Ruth Papa by Carnela Picone
Nila Lamoy by her family and friends
George Curtis by Larry Shanley and Peru Health Mart
Robert Barker by Margaret Murat

UFirst Credit Union
Due to thunderstorms Elmore adoptable animals didn't make it to the event, but Lilly Hayes stopped by for a photo op with  UFirst Credit Union employees.

Perrywinkle's Paw Paint & Sip
Renee displays leaf painting techniques to participants.

CreARTive Kids ~ Paint & Sip
View CreARTiveKids Facebook page for upcoming events.  Thank you to Shannon for a much enjoyed event and fundraiser for Elmore.

Elmore Gets a Facelift

Barry and Kathryn finish DCO roof.

Volunteers begin shingling after a long day of stripping old shingles. Luck Brothers help to make the job easier.

Beautiful new roof completed...
inside painting begins!

Click HERE to download the table order form for this great fall event.  
Local businesses give back to the community.   Supporting Them...Helps Us!  * 518.324.3888

We Accept 

credit cards

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Our Mission Statement
To provide shelter and comfort for animals in need that are on their path to finding loving lifetime homes. To care for the homeless, to defend the abused, cherish the elderly and disabled, and to fight with unrelenting diligence for the recognition of the integrity of all animals.

Board of Directors
Laurie Parsons, President
Carol Solari-Ruscoe, Secretary
Inger Joy, Treasurer
Rebecca Patnode, Director

Rebecca Burdo, Shelter Manager

Cheri Reynolds, Volunteer Coordinator

SueEllen Coste, Membership Coordinator

Bonnie Miller, Coin Collection Coordinator