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We are already one week into the month of Elul. Traditionally, this month is a time to prepare our mind, body and spirit for the High Holidays. Each day in Elul you are invited to join with fellow congregants on the path toward teshuvah (repentence) by participating in these programs and activities. In addition to helping us prepare ourselves as individuals, we aim to strengthen your connection to the community during this period of repentance, prayer and charity.

Along with our daily programs, we also encourage you to take this month to engage in Mindful Walking. These walks and reflections can take place anytime during the month. For more information on Mindful Walking watch this Guide to Mindful Walking Video and note this Mindful Walking Meditation. We encourage you to post your observations on the Tikvat Israel News & Shmooze Listserv.

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All programs will be available via Zoom on the congregation’s regular Zoom link, unless otherwise noted. Click on the links to each program for further details.

In addition to these programs, you can also sign up to receive daily emails during Elul from Jewels of Elul and/or between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur from Hadar.

** Schedule changes may occur.
Updates will be posted in B’kesher **
TODAY (last day of WEEK 1)
Thursday, August 27
2:00 pm Preparing a Rosh Hashanah Seder. Presented by the USCJ. 

Friday, August 28
8:50 am Mishnah class with Rabbi Marc Israel. Passages related to Rosh Hashanah will be studied.

Saturday, August 29
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Services

Sunday, August 30 

1:00 pm Learn to Blow Shofar Like a Pro with Sam Gilston

Monday, August 31 
9:00 pm Isaac Unbound: Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Read The Offering Of Abraham’s Beloved Son with Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky. Presented by the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Tuesday, September 1
Anytime Share Your Mindful Walking Experiences by posting to News & Schmooze Listserv. (See above for more information on how to post.)

Wednesday, September 2
8:00 - 9:30 pm Vivian Liebenson Introspection Through Art Journaling (You will need: an art journal or sketchbook, something to write with and something to add color with (paint, markers, crayons, etc supply list)
Join Zoom Meeting; Meeting ID: 993 3289 0352; Passcode: 142354

Thursday, September 3
10:00 am Voiceless: Exploring Non-Verbal Communication On Zoom with Judy Waldman and Cantor Rochelle Helzner

Friday, September 4
8:50 am Mishnah class with Rabbi Marc Israel. Passages related to Rosh Hashanah will be studied.

Saturday, September 5
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Services

Sunday, September 6 
10:00 am Three Major Themes of Rosh Hashanah: Zichronot, with Rabbi Marc Israel

Monday, September 7
7:30 - 9:00 pm Presented by the Hadar Program – Choose Your Own Zichronot (Remembrances): Selective Memory for the Win with Rabbi Avi Strausberg  

Tuesday, September 8 
8:00 - 8:30 pm Parents and Grandparents: Making the Holidays Meaningful for Your Children with Sheri Brown and Maxine Perlmutter.

Wednesday, September 9
1:30 pm  Baking Challah for the Holidays with Beth Smith.

7:30 pm Ramon Tasat Concert – On Rosh Hashanah The World Was Born. Presented by the Haberman Institute

Thursday, September 10 
1:00 pm How to Bake an Apple Pie Cake, with Beth Smith; presented by Brandeis University; $10 Fee
Friday, September 11
8:50 am Mishnah class with Rabbi Marc Israel. Passages related to Yom Kippur will be studied.

Saturday, September 12
10:00 am Shabbat Morning Services

8:30 pm Selichot Program Begins with Rabbi Dan Ornstein discussing his book Cain v. Abel. The service will follow at 9:30 pm. (Zoom link will be sent)

Sunday, September 13
10:00 am Three Major Themes Of Rosh Hashanah: Shofarot with Rabbi Marc Israel.

1:00 pm A Heretic In The Study House: Jewish-Christian Dialogues On Scripture In Late Antiquity. Presented by the Haberman Institute

Register here by Sept. 9

Monday, September 14

7:45 - 9:00 pm Songful Selichot: A Learning and Concert Experience with Rabbi Aviva Richman and Joey Weisenberg. Presented by the Hadar Program.

Tuesday, September 15

Wednesday, September 16
8:00 pm Following minyan. To Whom Am I Responsible? with Melissa Apter. This is a reprise of her Side Trip exploring questions of responsibility. Click here for more information.

Thursday, September 17
8:00 pm Rosh Hashanah D'rasha with Rabbi Aviva Richman. Presented by the Hadar Program

Friday, September 25
8:50 am Mishnah class with Rabbi Marc Israel. Passages related to Yom Kippur will be studied.
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