Welcome to Temple Aliyah's Elul Celebration: Prelude to the High Holidays. We hope this first edition of our five-part weekly series will prepare, connect, and motivate you in preparing for the High Holidays during this month of Elul, the last month of the Jewish year. Please scroll through this entire email to find programs curated to inspire you to Imagine, Engage, and Renew. From the youngest of us to the most mature, we are certain you will find something of interest, along with information on how to access this year's services.
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(Inspirational Words from Our Professionals)
A Message for Elul from Rabbi Carl Perkins
(video time 3:14)
...With Our Hearts
Self-reflection: Spirituality and Cheshbon Nefesh. The practice of teshuvah (repentance) allows us to return to our best selves. Take a moment and think of one moment in which you acted as your best self. Perhaps, turn this thought into a journal entry....
Awakening. Sign up for the Institute for Jewish Spirituality's Shofar Project. This free program is open to all people who want to make Elul a period of continued awakening, responsiveness, renewal and transformation. Click here for details and enrollment information.
by Rabbi Toba Spitzer

...With Our Hands
Babka - The Best Anytime-of-Day Dessert
(video time 4:30)

If you’ve attempted to bake bread at least once during quarantine, your next project needs to be babka. View this yummy creation and/or follow along with the easy how-to recipe click here.
Browse the delectable recipe links for High Holiday dishes. Look for those sent in from our professionals!
Rabbi Perkins' Delicious Apple Cake
Best Rosh Hashanah Crafts for Kids
with Emily & Shira Farbman
Celebrate the High Holidays with some fun and versatile hand made craft ideas that are family friendly and will make your smile. Click here for a step-by-step video covering a few dynamic art projects (video time 6:18).
Feature Heading
...With Our Heads
The Power of Music
on the
High Holidays
by Cantor Jamie Gloth
(video time: 16:17)
by  Elana Kling Perkins

Common and Not-So-Common Terms for Elul (test your knowledge)
by Elana Kling Perkins

Let the Music Speak!
(A High Holiday Playlist for easy listening)

Elul Niggun by Eitan Katz
A wordless melody to help us prepare for the High Holiday season - listen to it here.

Lishloach v'Lishloach by Idan Raichel
"To Forgive and to Forget" - a beautiful, contemporary song expressing the main themes of the High Holiday season. Listen to it here.

All You Need to Know About the High Holidays at Temple Aliyah

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Fun Facts

Rosh means head: Although considered the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah does not mean “New Year” in Hebrew. The translation is actually “Head of the Year.” Just like your head (or more specifically, your brain) tells your body what to do, your actions and behavior on Rosh Hashanah have far-reaching consequences for the entire year.

Pass the pomegranate, not the pickles: Pomegranates, apples and honey are all foods that are symbolic to the holiday Rosh Hashanah. Every pomegranate is believed to contain 613 seeds. This number just happens to be identical to the number of mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah. So, eating a pomegranate can be a symbolic way to display the desire to fulfill the mitzvot.
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