Rebuilding of SXM Airport terminal building will...

Simpson Bay - The Princess Juliana International Airport, SXM Airport will reopen for commercial flights with effect from October 10, 2017. "Despite the severe damage the airport sustained with the passage of the monster storms Irma and Maria, we ...

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Dear Reader

Yesterday, the Labour Department issued an apology and retraction on their Facebook page regarding a false statement that apparently was posted by one of their Facebook administrators.

Many businesses, institutions and government departments have discovered the power of social media and many now have Facebook pages. Just yesterday we published the news that the Parliament of Sint Maarten launched their own Facebook page. Can you imagine the political fallout if one of their Facebook administrators published a statement that was false and offensive, but which immediately goes viral on the internet and social media?

Think of the damage control and spin the President of Parliament would have to do to contain that little social media madness. Heads would roll for sure. Our advise on that topic, which we here at also implement, is to have only one person responsible for postings and publications on Facebook. This administrator must also not be tempted to post personal topics nor react to comments nor be led into a debate with followers, no matter the topic or subject, and ignore the temptation to react to what someone writes. The temptation is definitely great and one must be really strong-willed to resist it.

Clear policies and protocols must be defined when dealing with moderating comments on your Facebook page. If you wish to engage your followers, you must allow them to post comments on photos and topics, else you will quickly lose traction for your Page and never gain critical mass in your following. Ultimately, the goal of your Facebook page is reach as many people as possible with your messages and information. But if a disgruntled Facebook administrator uses that platform to share his dissatisfaction with his employer, or with the clients, the negative exposure can be very inconvenient and can quickly work against you and destroy the corporate image you so diligently work to build through social media.

Facebook is a double-edge sword. It is a very efficient and effective marketing tool, but it can also be a swift and deadly weapon that can destroy your image in one fell swoop. Therefore, you must be very careful in your choice who will be the admin of your Facebook page. Not everyone understand the power of social media and not everyone can resist the urge to abuse that power.

And with the end of that social media commentary, we wish to remind our readers that TelEm is cordially reminding subscribers that the disconnection date for the July 2017 bills is Wednesday, October 11th, and the deadline to pay this bill is Tuesday, October 10th. Click here to read the full details of this disconnection notice.

Finally, Scotiabank has published an advertisement announcing their post-hurricane Irma debt relief programme. Click here to read the full details of this announcement.

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Navy ends emergency assistance to Dominica - TODAY - The ...

GREAT BAY - The navy terminated the emergency assistance by its vessels Zr. Ms. Zeeland and Zr. Ms. Pelikaan to Dominica on Wednesday. The Zeeland docked on Wednesday afternoon next to Zr. Ms. Karel Doorman in St. Maarten to bunker fuel for...

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Nine persons arrested in the looting investigation -...

PHILIPSBURG - On Thursday, October 5th, nine (9) more persons were arrested by police officers involved in the ongoing looting investigation. This investigation started immediately in the aftermath of hurricane "Irma". These arrests took place...

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An idea for USM
In today's editorial we extend an idea to the business community to sponsor a research study to investigate the underlying factors and causes that led to the mass looting and what can be done to avoid this happening again in the future. Maybe this could be a project for USM?. Read the full editorial online here...
Miniature waterplant popular
GEBE workers with the help of the marines has built a miniature waterplant in front of the Carnival Village to distribute free drinkable water to the people who are still unable to get elsewhere. The water is taken from the fire hydrant - which is connected to the GEBE's mainline - and filtered through the waterplant to make it safe for the public to drink. People are able to take water at any time of the day... Click here to view more photos...
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Rhoda Arrindell: "USM cannot close" - TODAY - The...

POND ISLAND - "USM cannot close" says Rhoda Arrindell, former teacher at the University of St. Maarten (USM), as the students and teachers respond to the closing of their school in an uproar last night at the student meeting in the university....

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Several airlines to resume service on October 10 - TODAY ...

PHILIPSBURG - Head of the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau Rolando Brison on Thursday said that discussions with all airlines pertaining to resumption of service to the island is ongoing with some already indicating that service will resume as soon as...

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Repentance-scheme for fencers and looters - TODAY - The...

PHILIPSBURG - The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) Sint Maarten is prepared to take into account looters and fencers who regret their act. As is known, citizens committed criminal offenses during and after the passage of hurricane "Irma". In this...

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SFPO: A Community Approach Towards Healing After...

PHILIPBURG- Community connectedness, collaboration and the creation of safe spaces are some additional elements needed to bounce back collectively from the psychological, material, environmental and financial wounds caused by Hurricane Irma which ...

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Government Info Page

Friday, October 6th, 2017

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Scotiabank Debt Relief Programme


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IMPORTANT SZV NOTICES effective Monday, Oct.2nd - TODAY...

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (Monday October 2nd, 2017) - Social & Health Insurances SZV would like to inform the public and its customers of the following important notices. SZV also encourages all to monitor its Facebook page and the media for...

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TelEm Disconnection Notice

For July 2017 Bill deadline for payment is Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

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