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Draft law Integrity Chamber finally reaches Parliament

PHILIPSBURG - The draft law Integrity Chamber that reached Parliament on Thursday maintains "a strict separation of administrative and criminal investigations." Parliament will handle the draft shortly - probably on Friday afternoon - ...

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Dear Reader

When you have deep pockets, you can use your money to pester anyone and everyone with court cases, because even if you lose the court case, the financial and psychological impact on your opponent is great enough for you to ultimately win. So what if you lose the battle, you will win the war, right?

That is what is going on at Alegria Resort. The resort pester anyone and everyone in courts who is on, linked to or affiliated with its property, and eventhough it loses court case after court case, it winds up chasing most of these people off of its property because they do not have the financial means to keep fighting court case after court case. Ultimately, the resort is the winner. And the lawyers, of course. See our cartoon and opinion piece on this topic below entitled "World of Unhappiness".

Gracita rightfully points out in her letter to the editor that the best way to help the unemployed citizens of our country - according to Dennis Richardson aka Mr. Hurricane, there are 6000 unemployed - is to pump that money via unemployment benefits into the local economy. However, there is a good chance that some of that money will be sent overseas to the home countries of some these unemployed persons. The French has a better idea. They use a voucher system or a money card system whereby the funds on that card has to and can only be spent locally with businesses that are a part of the program. At least that way you have the guarantee that the money will be spent locally and thereby jump-starting the local economy.

Parliament has been in full swing these past days this week. Today, Friday, December 8th, there is another meeting, an urgent Central Committee meeting, at 4pm about the Draft National Ordinance Integrity Chamber. Click here for more details...

This promises to be a very interesting meeting. We hope they have a quorum. And manage to keep it. On behalf of MP Perry Geerlings, we say 'beterschap' to the ministers. We wish them good health and a speedy recovery.

Today we republish our Worldbank cartoon because MP Rodolphe Samuel is asking where is the beef in his statement to the press published below in this email newsletter.

Even Jacob Gelt Dekker touches on the topic in his column entitled " Mosaics" when he writes; " If island communities wish to rebuild after disasters, one can only achieve results with massive foreign relief fund, local joint efforts, and consensus. Too often the world witnesses ordinary dogfights over aid and restructure funds that, in the end, disappeared like snow under the sun." We couldn't agree more.

Enjoy the newsletter!

The Publisher,

PS: Today we open with the news about the draft law on the Integrity Chamber reaching Parliament. Click here to read what the draft law on the Integrity Chamber is all about and how it separates administrative and criminal investigations. Headline News
MP Geerlings takes heat for comment about ministers' health

PHILIPSBURG - DP-MP Perry Geerlings took some heat from NA-parliamentarians yesterday morning with a remark about the absence of ministers in a public meeting. Geerlings made the remark after Prime Minister Boasman had excused Minister of Finance ...

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Prosecutor wants brothel owner in jail again

PHILIPSBURG - The Court in First Instance will take a decision on Friday about a request by the public prosecutor to put brothel owner Etienne 'Toochi' Meyers and his co-defendant Louella Marianella R. (50) behind bars again. The prosecutor made...

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Sarah: "A caretaker Parliament does not exist"

A decision to dissolve parliament does not absolve any MP of his/her duties; a caretaker government Parliament does not exist ~ A meeting that could have brought some answers to many lingering questions, was obstructed again by NA members of...

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A World of Unhappiness

Satirical Cartoon

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A World of Unhappiness
For those who have no clue why the Caravanserai Beach Resort was rechristened as the Alegría resort – and what the hell that name means, here is a pointer. The resort’s name is displayed above the entrance and underneath, in smaller letters it says: A world of happiness. And that’s exactly what the Spanish word alegría means: happiness. Poll

Yes - 55.6%
No - 33.3%
Let's wait and see - 11.1%

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Should the University of St. Martin (USM) board members resign?
No Political Commentary
NA MP Samuel says €550 Million is Development Aid

PHILIPSBURG - The Dutch has decided to make €550M available to St. Maarten as Development Aid in the context of rebuilding the island after the aftermath of the inflicted damages to the Islands economy and social fabric, National Alliance (NA)...

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Where's the beef?

Political satirical cartoon

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Agriculture on St. Maarten - The Case of the Illusive Nut
Part 5 – Government’s Plan B should include agriculture

The time has come for the government to have a “Plan B” for emergency situations to make St. Maarten truly import-independent where food is concerned. Government need to include a budget for agriculture. As a matter of fact, government should have a ministry of Agriculture and appoint a minister of Agriculture to focus government budgetary expenditures effectively in this sector. Such a call for government to set up a ministry for agriculture should not result in the usual bureaucratic procedures of setting up review committees and the having of debates in Parliament by the political parties and their politicians jockeying for political appointments for their support. The setup of such an entity should be a nonpartisan endeavor and it should include all existing farmers on the island as they have proven capable of surviving all these years without government support, they should be able to effectively implement and execute a government agricultural policy and program efficiently and effectively. Tomorrow, in part 6 this series come full circle when we answer the question how promoting agro-tourism can help agricultural development on St. Maarten. Click here to show your interest in following our case report on agriculture... News Stories
Reminder: Book launch Thriller Chella and the Weird Woman

Philipsburg - The latest book by author Loekie Morales, beautifully illustrated by the realistic artist-painter Penka Petkova, named 'Chella and the Weird Woman/'Chella en het Vreemde Vrouwtje', is being baptized today Friday, December 8th...

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Ombudsman rules complaint of the marketplace vendors valid

Philipsburg - In the case filed by a group of thirty marketplace vendors, the Ombudsman considered the complaint founded, and ruled that the standards of Reason, Active and Adequate Information Provision, and Reasonableness and Proportionality...

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You’re invited to the Annual Lighting of the Tree tonight

PORT ST. MAARTEN - Christmas is coming to Walter Plantz Square (WPS) at Down Street on Friday afternoon, December 8 at Happy Hour. Come out and join the Lighting of the Annual Christmas tree at WPS at 7.00pm. End your week by kicking-off the...

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CPS creates awareness about leptospirosis

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) - Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects both humans and animals. Humans become infected through direct contact with the urine of infected animals or with a urine-contaminated environment.

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Government tough on welfare claimants who don't speak Dutch

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS - Local authorities are being told they have to take action against welfare claimants who don't speak Dutch even though sanctions are only an option in the law, the Volkskrant reported on Thursday.

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POND ISLAND - The post-Irma Art Auction project is spear-headed by the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports which is a part of the #sxmstrong campaign facilitated by Lucinda Audain along with Education on the Move Project leader Angelique Roumou- ...

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SMMC Donation Drive a Success

Cay Hill - Recently, the St. Maarten Medical Center hosted a donation drive for parents and guardians with small children. The event was a great success where over 300 persons received various items which included formula, diapers, clothing and...

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Dutch say Trump 'unwise and counterproductive' with...

The US decision to recognise Jerusalem as capital of Israel and move its embassy there from Tel Aviv is unwise and counterproductive, Dutch foreign minister Halbe Zijlstra said on Twitter. 'The two-state solution remains the Dutch objective,'...

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The Netherlands Second is first in YouTube most watched...

The satirical video clip introducing the Netherlands to president Donald Trump 'in a way he would understand' was the best watched Dutch video on YouTube this year, the video website said on Wednesday. The film, which went global this January,...

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Bitcoin breaks through the $16,000 mark

Bitcoin has breached the $16,000 mark, extending the digital currency's record-breaking surge. The cryptocurrency began the year below $1,000 but continues to rise despite warnings of a dangerous bubble. According to, Bitcoin reached ...

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Millions 'stolen' in bitcoin heist

The value of Bitcoin is currently extremely volatile, but at the time of writing, the amount stolen was worth approximately $80m. The hacked service was NiceHash, a Slovenia-based mining exchange. It said it was working hard to recover the...

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"Mosaics" by Jacob Gelt Dekker

The Caribbean melting pot of the last 500-years, was ineffective as to achieving a common economy and culture, in today's global economy. The Caribbean is not a player, and its inhabitants have experienced every shrinking economies and wealth....

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