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Integrity Chamber law now ready for handling in Parliament

PHILIPSBURG - "The term binding advice is an oxymoron." UP-MP Franklin Meyers said on Friday during a debate in the central committee of Parliament about the draft national ordinance Integrity Chamber. "An advice is an advice and it is up to the...

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Dear Reader

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa are the words uttered while thumping the chest three times and followed by a resignation. Only in St. Maarten you don't see that happening and a board simply remains seated despite the obvious failings surrounding it.

Okay, fine! Stay on, give full account for what has happened until a solution is resolved and then do the honourable thing and resign. But make the announcement of this intention. Then all sides in this debate will be satisfied. Someone has to be held accountable and the buck stops with the supervisory board.

Also, only in St. Maarten you see a resort company not awaiting a court judgement, but taking the law into its own hands. See our Photo of the Day in this email newsletter below. We will be making an in-depth report on this case.

For the rest, enjoy the newsletter and have a great weekend.

The Publisher,

PS: Today we open with the news about the draft law on the Integrity Chamber ready for handling in Parliament. Click here to read what the draft law on the Integrity Chamber is all about and how it separates administrative and criminal investigations. Opinion
Checks and balances

By Hilbert Haar Local politicians are - for the most part - playing nice with the draft national ordinance Integrity Chamber. That institution has to be established sooner rather than later and with the Dutch demand to make this a condition for...

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C-Lounge bulldozed yesterday

Attorney Willem Nelissen informed that the management of the Alegria resort yesterday took the unilateral decision to bulldoze the building where the C-Lounge is located while the case with the owner is still pending in court...

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Caretaker Parliament
Parliament has been in full swing this past week. We have seen a number of meetings held on discussion topics, amendments and a draft law debate, namely an urgent Central Committee meeting about the Draft National Ordinance Integrity Chamber. Click here for more details on the Draft National Ordinance Integrity Chamber for those who have not read the draft yet...

President of Parliament, Sarah Wescot-Williams, has aptly pointed out in her press statement that Parliament does not have 'caretaker' status. So the work continues unabated. However, we can't shake the impression that the frequency of meetings held has increased significantly since there is a new majority of 8 in Parliament. Poll

Yes - 63.6%
No - 36.4%

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Do you think 'binding advice' is an oxymoron?
What is an oxymoron? Commentary
Unemployment benefits

Gracita rightfully points out in her letter to the editor that the best way to help the unemployed citizens of our country - according to Dennis Richardson aka Mr. Hurricane there are 6000 unemployed - is to pump money via unemployment benefits...

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Agriculture on St. Maarten - The Case of the Illusive Nut
Part 6 – Promoting agro-tourism to help agricultural development on St. Maarten come full circle.

As we have shown in part 5, it is in government’s interest and the island as a whole for government to set up a committee to look into farming, optimal land allocation and even stimulating indoor farming with new techniques and innovations to effectively make use of the limited land and space available. In this last part of this series about agriculture on St. Maarten, we look at ways of making it sustainable and a means of attracting tourists to the island. Agro-tourism is such a means of generating tourism income and still operate in sustainable manner. This can be achieved by having tourists, especially cruise tourists visiting for the day, tour agricultural stations, help with the work as volunteers (‘voluntourism’) and buy and eat food freshly grown on the land for their lunches and dinners at restaurants supplied by the agricultural stations they just visited and volunteered at that day. We will recap this six parts series in a full article with a conclusion and publish this online next in our next edition. Stay tuned for the conclusion. News Stories
Traffic accident: Quad collided with Police Vehicle

CAY HILL - On Thursday, December 7th, at approximately 4:50pm the Police Traffic Department was called to investigate a traffic accident that occurred. A police vehicle traveling down the hill on A.J.C Brouwers Road with sirens on, transporting a ...

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TelEm Group, Computech attend Dell EMC briefing

SANTA CLARA, CA. - Sint Maarten telephone company TELEM GROUP, represented by CEO Kendall Dupersoy and Senior IT Administrator Edgardo Lynch, were at DELL EMC Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara California this week. The briefing was focused ...

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InselAir receives permit to operate to Surinam

WILLEMSTAD, PARAMARIBO - On Thursday, December 7, 2017, InselAir has received the formal permit from the Surinam Civil Aviation Authorities. The flights are now opened for sale without any restriction. In line with industry practice, InselAir...

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Bushroad closed on Sunday December 10

POND ISLAND - Bush Road lane going into Philipsburg will be closed all day on December 10, 2017 for roadworks. The lane from Philipsburg to St. Peters/Cole Bay will be open to the traffic. The works will be from Sunday morning 6 AM to Monday...

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Plenary Session of Parliament on Monday morning at 10am

Plenary Session of Parliament about several draft national ordinances amending the civil code on Monday morning PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - The House of Parliament will sit in a plenary public...

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Mosquito fogging schedule Monday to Thursday

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) - The Collective Preventive Services (CPS), a government department under the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, hereby informs the community that mosquito fogging will be carried out on Monday, December...

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VROMI: Road paving and patch works start next week

Road paving and patch works to be carried out next week Philipsburg - On Monday and Tuesday December 11th and 12th the road to Point Blanche from the St. Peters Battery until the entrance of Point...

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Lack of election candidates cause for criminal infiltration

Political parties are having a hard time finding candidates to stand in the local elections of March next year, making local government vulnerable to criminal infiltration, the NRC reported on Friday. The paper looked at 75 parties in 35 towns...

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Turning Point puts programs on hold due to Irma damages

PHILIPSBURG - The second floor of Turning Point, the sole medical drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation center on St. Maarten, was badly damaged by hurricane Irma. Due to this, the rehabilitation center's outpatient programs such as...

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Trump's Jerusalem move: Clashes erupt after Friday prayers

A 30-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed during clashes in eastern Gaza, Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Health said, with more than 300 people injured across the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, 50 of whom needed hospital treatment. Most...

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Bitcoin: Big banks say futures could be dangerous

The Futures Industry Association, which represents big banks and brokers, has warned U.S. regulators that the risks of trading bitcoin futures contracts have not been properly studied. In an open letter to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading...

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"Book launch a success!" says Loekie Morales

Simpson Bay - The ninth book launched on Friday evening, December 8th, at the Oba Oba lounge in Simpson Bay by the Beyond Kultura Foundation is considered a wonderful success says author, Loekie Morales, in an interview with

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Advertisement - Irma Relief Specials for the Holidays

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