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IMA fears economic doom with mass closures and layoffs

Economic Doom, Mass Closures and Layoffs on the Horizon for Sint Maarten. ~ PHILIPSBURG - In reference to the proposed draft Stimulus Plan, which was made public, the Indian Merchants Association (IMA), SMTA, SHTA and SMMTA expresses its shock at ...

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Business survey paints dark scenario

PHILIPSBURG - Within three to six months 45 percent of workers currently employed in the private sector will lose their jobs. This appears from a survey among 580 businesses by the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade association (SHTA)....

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Report: use World Bank Trust Fund money for stimulus plan

PHILIPSBURG - Use the balance of the World Bank Trust Fund to finance a $200 million emergency economic response to support the local economy. That is the focus of a proposal by a private sector task force to the Ministry of Tourism and Economic...

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Private sector pleads with government for short-term rescue

PHILIPSBURG - Private sector organizations and labor union WIFOL applaud the government's initiative to project support for the next twelve months but they plead at the same time for a short-term rescue package for the next six months in an...

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The Golden Guilder

By Terrance Rey ~ On St. Maarten, banks and the government are advising the general population to use guilders as much as possible, as a way to save dollars. I agree wholeheartedly with this advice. Here is why. When the dollars stop flowing into ...

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THE economy opportunity of the moment

By Cdr. Bud Slabbaert ~ In these difficult times when we know that economic hardships have to be countered and solutions need to be found, there are realistic opportunities. There is one development model that may be the solution to contribute to...

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Just do it

By Hilbert Haar ~ To write that these are challenging times qualifies as the understatement of the century. But here we are, smack in the middle of an unprecedented crisis that has turned all of our lives upside down. The only certainty we have...

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Due to Dutch Minister Dekker's insistence, 3 inmates return

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - Recently, Sint Maarten was made aware that the Netherlands would within short, be returning three of its detainees who were transferred to the Netherlands due to the state that of the national prison was in after...

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DCOMM and BTP offer Tips to enhance internet performance

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) - The Department of Communication (DCOMM) in cooperation with the Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten (BTP), would like to offer the community a number of tips that would enhance your internet...

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NAGICO encourages clients to use their online services

GREAT BAY - Given the rapid spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 in our region, the health and safety of the population is of paramount importance. With this in mind, NAGICO Insurances is encouraging our clients to make use of our online services...

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Cracks in the coalition

The Indian Merchants Association (IMA) is among the private sector organizations that chose the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) not even a week ago "to speak on its behalf for continued representation and...

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PFP leaves digital meeting: waste of time

PHILIPBURG - Party for Progress Members of Parliament Melissa Gumbs and Raeyhon Peterson walked out of an online meeting of parliament on Monday when it was about to handle the resignation of the (already departed) Chief Financial Officer at the...

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Pandemic drives up food prices on St. Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - Price increases in supermarkets trigger a storm of complaints on social media. Food shoppers post pictures of items that cost a lot less two weeks ago than they do now. "They are killing us with these prices," one customer writes....

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CIBCFCIB announces large donation for COVID-19 testing kits

PHILIPSBURG - CIBC First Caribbean donates $250,000 through its international ComTrust Foundation for the purchase of COVID-19 testing kits to the sixteen countries across the Caribbean where it operates. If evenly divided, each country will...

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Jessurun: Important to boost people's immune system

PHILIPSBURG - Poor people in St. Maarten run a high risk of contracting severe symptoms of the corona-virus (COVID-19) according to Drs. Raymond Jessurun of the St. Maarten Anti-Poverty Platform and the St. Maarten Consumers Coalition. Jessurun...

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Coronavirus: statistics show lockdowns are slowing rate...

The battle to stop the spread of coronavirus is one of statistics as well as healthcare measures and social distancing. So where does the Netherlands really fit in? Since the Dutch government implemented its 'intelligent lockdown', the emphasis...

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Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know

We've collected our main articles about coronavirus in the Netherlands into one place, to make it easier for you to find the information you need. And do please feel free to share your questions, comments and ideas with us so we can continue to...

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Food delivery most popular online service

Almost three in five people in the Netherlands bought or rented an item, or used a service, from an online platform, according to new figures from national statistics agency CBS. Some 35% used food delivery apps such as Thuisbezorgd or Deliveroo, ...

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Clyde Van Putten: "Not the time for Division, Name Calling"

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- PLP leader Clyde van Putten says he is deeply concerned about the arrival of the Covid-19 virus on the island, but that that it was not the time for division, name calling or what he called 'the blame game'. Van ...

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St. Eustatius hit with two cases of corona-virus infections

ORANJESTAD - Since Tuesday, St. Eustatius is the first of the Caribbean municipalities to also deal with the corona virus. Islanders criticize the actions of the island government and react sad, anxious and angry. [DUTCH NEWS ARTICLE]

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Opinion: Van Rij and Francis Deserve some Credit

Government Commissioner Marnix van Rij and acting Government Commissioner Alida Francis do deserve some credit for the way they are handling the Covid-19 crisis. Both Commissioners have taken to the airwaves every night since the start of ...

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Additional testing on Saba, so far no COVID-19 cases

The Bottom, Saba - The COVID-19 virus so far has not been introduced on Saba. As a precautionary measure, an additional 13 persons who are in self-quarantine were tested on Wednesday, April 1, Saba Island Governor Jonathan Johnson...

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Pandemie drijft de prijzen van voedsel op op Sint Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - Prijsstijgingen in de supermarkten zorgen voor een storm van klachten op social media. Food shoppers plaatsen foto's van items die twee weken geleden een stuk minder kostten dan nu. 'Ze nekken ons met deze prijzen', schrijft een...

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'Snelheid ondersteuning gaat nu voor'

Tweede Kamer: Genereus steunen, voorwaarden later Van onze correspondent Den Haag - De Tweede Kamer heeft haar zorgen geuit over de gevolgen van de coronacrisis voor het Caribisch deel van het Koninkrijk - onder andere voor wat betreft de...

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Commentaar: RMR kan geschiedenis schrijven

Alle ogen zijn gericht op de Rijksministerraad (RMR) van morgen en vermoedelijk ook volgende week. De derde en vierde op rij. Uitzonderlijk. Het zijn dan ook bijzonder uitzonderlijke tijden. Crisis in álle delen van het Koninkrijk.

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Commentaar: RMR & Cft

In 2010 is de Rijkswet financieel toezicht (Rft) Curaçao en Sint Maarten in werking getreden. In 2015 forceerde Nederland een consensus met Aruba voor een soortgelijke vorm van toezicht, dan wel geregeld in een 'normale' Arubaanse...

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Analyse: (Gezonde) Bedrijven ondersteunen; ASAP!

De essentie van het steunpakket moet zijn 'behoud van de werkgelegenheid'. Onder de huidige crisisomstandigheden moet de overheid niet de werknemers, maar de bedrijven 'steunen'; zo blijft de bedrijveninfrastructuur intact, behouden werknemers en ...

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'Sommige werkgevers op Curaçao misbruiken de coronacrisis'

WILLEMSTAD - In de Curaçaose hotelsector worden medewerkers verzocht overeenkomsten te ondertekenen waarin ze verklaren vrijwillig afstand te doen van hun salaris of waarin ze akkoord moeten gaan met het verplicht opnemen van vakantie, soms zelfs ...

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