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The Today newspaper will be sending you emails with news updates about Hurricane Irma in an effort to remain vigilant and keep us all posted on developments.

Below you will find the last article we publised in our newspaper about Hurricane Irma. In the next email newsletter, we will give you an update on the position and general direction Hurricane Irma is heading in.
We thank for your attention and we wish you much success in your hurricane readiness preparations.


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Hurricane Irma - TODAY - The Newspaper for Country St....

Hurricane Irma is lumbering across the Atlantic in the general direction of the Leeward Islands, though it is still too early to predict where exactly the eye of the storm will hit. Yesterday morning at 11 a.m. the center of the storm was located ...

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Budget 2018: Timeshare fee from $50 to $100 per week:...

GREAT BAY - Governor Drs. Eugène Holiday sent the draft 2018 budget to Parliament on Thursday. The budget projects 460.8 million guilders for expenditures and 484.5 million in revenue, thus creating the surplus required to pay off the last...

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Dead in the water - TODAY - The Newspaper for Country...

One of the main points for the 2018 budget debate will without any doubt be the plans the government has for imposing a tax on the import of online purchases. It would not surprise us if this caused an outcry among avid online shoppers, because...

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Wage and turnover tax remain the mainstay of government...

GREAT BAY - Wage tax and turnover tax remain the mainstay of revenue for the government, also in 2018. For the next budget year, the Ministry of Financeprojects of gross domestic product to increase from 1.9387 billion to 1.9581 billion. The...

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