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Court missing $1.148.160 US Dollars from 3rd parties account

PHILIPSBURG - The Joint Court of Justice branch in Philipsburg is missing $1.148.160 US Dollars from its third parties bank account. Court documents in the appeal case of the dismissed court manager Maritsa James-Christina reveal that over a...

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Dear Reader

We would like to know from our legal minds if the maximum number of times per month locals are allowed to visit casinos are anchored in the law and if yes, what is the maximum legal amount of visits allowed for local St. Maarteners to visit a casino on a monthly basis.

In this edition of our StMaartenNews newsletter we conclude our 7-parts series outlining the views of the Public Prosecutor's Office on the statutes of limitations pertaining to the length of criminal investigations, in particular those of politicians, other public figures and prominent citizens on St. Maarten.

We will be publishing a comprehensive report on this topic next week using this series as the basis for this article.

In the meantime, do enjoy reading today's edition.

Happy readings!


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Acknowledging and preventing gambling addiction

It is a public secret that the former court manager was a regular visitor of the casinos on St. Maarten. Her dismissal appeal case revealed that under her management of the court's third party bank account, where monies confiscated from criminals ...

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"Economic Recovery Process Too Slow"

SHTA thanks the Netherlands for the generous support, primarily provided through the Trust Fund set up with the World Bank but also the funds spent on early help and recovery projects as well as the liquidity support provided to our Government. Without these efforts, St. Maarten would today be much worse off than it is at this moment.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) while not actually containing any form of planning does provide an overview of the total damage, losses and needs arising from the hurricane Irma disaster. SHTA commends our Government and civil servants for staying the course when prioritizing projects on which to spend the financial support funds provided through the World Bank. The training and education program executed by the St. Maarten Training Foundation is a good example of what can be achieved through understanding and cooperation.

Unfortunately, over the years, the relationship of trust between the Government (representatives) of the Netherlands and the Government (representatives) of St. Maarten deteriorated to such a low level that the successful and (relatively) efficient execution of similar efforts after the hurricanes Luis (1995) and Lenny (1999) could not be repeated.

Instead, the Netherlands opted for interposing the World Bank for the disbursements and accountability of the available funds. While SHTA acknowledges the efforts and hard work provided by the people of the World Bank, the civil servants from both St. Maarten and the Netherlands, as well as other Government officials, it cannot be denied that the direly necessary projects are bogged down in procedures and red tape.

SHTA would like to echo the original request made by the Governor to the Formateur of our current Government Coalition, specially ensuring that among the many projects emphasis be given to the recovery of the tourism sector. So far, actions of the World Bank and the Economic Recovery Plan do not show this emphasis.

Today, more than 13 months after the storm, not 1 cent has been spent on real economic recovery in the form of support for the business sector recovery. From information received during several meetings and discussions with World Bank representatives it appears that developing the required regulatory infrastructure and going through the process will take at least until May – June 2019. This means that the business recovery funding will most likely not be provided to businesses effected by Irma who by that time have been (forced to decide to) closed indefinitely but to new businesses starting up.

Even though it would, in SHTA’s view, still be economic recovery it is no longer business recovery in a literal sense. Even though it is unclear to SHTA whether such recovery is even allowed under the Trust Terms agreed upon between the Netherlands, St. Maarten and the World Bank, the business owners that were forced to close will call it “covering the well after the calf has drowned”. Special Report
7-parts series about the Public Prosecutor's Office views on the lead times of investigations
This is a special report brought to you by outlining the views of the Public Prosecutor's Office on the statutes of limitations pertaining to the length of investigations, in particular those of politicians, other public figures and prominent citizens on St. Maarten.

The introduction to this special report can be read online via the following article:

Part 7 - Are the rules as they pertain to investigations and the length thereof on St. Maarten different from those in the Netherlands?

In part 6 we discussed the question whether prosecutor-led investigations can't be dealt with faster. The Prosecutor's Office indicated that it always strives to expedite investigations, but that the speed was partly dependent on the capacity of the police force, which is heavily understaffed. The explanation concluded that they are working on an improved registration process to gain insight into the turnaround times. The starting point is modernizing the working methods, modernizing the laws and implementing the use of various instruments to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

In this final part we will discuss the question whether the situation surrounding investigations and the length thereof in St. Maarten is the same as in The Netherlands.

One of our subscribers and avid readers emailed us the following:

"I have been reading your piece on the Justice system and how it works. Nice but there is more I would like to know. Is the time that it takes to process a case longer than in the Netherlands? Are we being treated different than cases in the Netherlands? That is what needs to be explained."

This is basically the fundamental question that got this whole series started in the first place.

To avoid any misunderstandings, here is literally what the Public Prosecutor's Office had to say in Dutch as was dictated by the Chief Prosecutor via the Spokesperson:

"Ook in Nederland zijn de doorlooptijden van de strafrechtsketen continue onderwerp van gesprek op zowel politiek niveau als bij de ketenpartners zelf. In 2012 heeft het Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum (WODC) een onderzoek gedaan naar de doorlooptijden waarbij een onderscheid wordt gemaakt tussen standaardzaken en complexe zaken. Met name in complexe zaken valt op hoe de doorlooptijden kunnen oplopen. Er zijn in Nederland verschillende projecten ingezet om de doorlooptijden te verminderen. In het Caribisch gebied wordt getracht om deze projecten te adopteren en te implementeren."

Basically, what is being said is that "Also in the Netherlands, the lead times of the criminal justice chain are a continuous topic of discussion at both the political level as at the level of the justice chain partners themselves. In 2012, the Scientific Research and Documentation Center (WODC) carried out a study into the lead times in which a distinction is made between standard cases and complex cases. Particularly in complex cases, it is striking how the lead times can increase. Various projects have been implemented in the Netherlands to reduce turnaround times. In the Caribbean, efforts are being made to adopt and implement these projects."

In principle, the Public Prosecutor's Office is stating for the record that in terms of execution and the lengths of investigations there is no difference between the situation in the Netherlands and St. Maarten, even the debates are the same. Top Stories
Court office manager loses case against her dismissal

PHILIPSBURG--Former office manager at the Court of First Instance in St. Maarten M.J.C. has lost the civil procedure filed with the Arbitration Court for Civil Servants against the decisions made by the Board of Director of the Joint Court of Justice

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Two suspects arrested for fighting in public

PHILIPSBURG - On Thursday, October 18, 2018, social media was abuzz with a new video as Whatsapp broadcasters on the scene were quick to broadcast recorded images of two men fighting in the street at the junction between the old post office...

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Successful exercise in Disaster Management

PHILIPSBURG -- Following the workshops held in May and June 2018 for the Emergency Support Functions ‘Evacuation, Shelters, Relief & Mass Care’ (ESF 7), Dutch Disaster Management experts Suzanne Robijn and Viola van Baardwijk of VNG International ...

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Department of Statistics: Real growth down by 8.4% in...

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - The Department of Statistics estimates that in 2017 real GDP growth dropped by 8.4%. This decrease is not surprising given the anticipated negative impact of hurricane Irma on the economy of St.Maarten. GDP in current...

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Library Board states position on hurricane-ravaged PJL

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - In light of the developments and media reports during the last months, the Board of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library (PJL) would hereby like to inform the general public as follows. More than a year ago, hurricane Irma ...

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Last letter from Luang Prabang

By Hilbert Haar ~ On a Wednesday morning, I get up at 5.45 a.m. We'll be on the road again today and I start thinking that we ought to slow down a bit. Nine countries in the not even one hundred days since we left St. Maarten at the end of June ...

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The Great (Train) Journey - part 7

By Hilbert Haar ~ Super typhoon Magnkhut has missed Hanoi and barreled into southern China, so Myriam and I feel confident traveling back up north with the intention to visit the mountainous region of Sapa. Big mistake; more about that later....

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Minister Smith Welcomes Baseball Champs Home

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - The St. Maarten 16 and under Baseball Team returned home as Champions from the Royal Kingdom Games in Aruba to an honorary welcome by the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sport, the Honourable Wycliffe Smith...

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Three fighters from St. Maarten were victorious in Curacao

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - Sint Maarten Martial Arts Federation (SMMAF) sent a team of fighters to compete in the exciting HONOR FIGHT LEAGUE 2, which took place in Curacao. All three fighters hailing from St. Maarten were victorious. The team...

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St. Maarten football team participated in the CONCACAF Games

The St.Maarten Football Federation senior selection National team. The team competed on Friday, October 12th, 2018, in Bermuda against the Bermuda National team in the Concacaf Nations League. Unfortunately St.Maarten suffered a loss.

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Undercover police officer helped bust suspected terror gang

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS - The arrest of a seven-member suspected terrorist cell last month was partly down to an undercover police officer who befriended the group over a period of several months, the NRC and RTL reported on Thursday.

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KPCN Chief Irked About Anonymous Accusations

Kralendijk- Chief of the Police for the BES-islands, Jose Rosales, is unhappy about accusations made in an anonymous letter, stating that Dutch police officers are treated different from the local ones. Specifically, the letter signed 'on...

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SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - Minister of Public Health, Emil Lee was invited as a keynote speaker to the 12th Annual Caribbean Conference on National Healthcare financing initiatives hosted in Suriname. The conference took place on October 8-10...

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SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - Representatives of the Sint Maarten Tripartite Committee (TPC) delegation recently attended the 19 th American Regional Meeting of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Panama City. The meetings took place...

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SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - Minister of Public Health, Emil Lee reminds the community to take note of ongoing free breast screening opportunities during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Ministry of VSA, department of CPS, is active with...

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Several departments from Ministry VSA Closes at Noon Friday

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) - Several departments within the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (Ministry VSA), will close at 12 noon on Friday, October 19. The closure is in connection with an extended staff meeting.

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MPC High School Students learn about Impacts of Littering

SINT MAARTEN (MULLET BAY) - Last Friday the St Maarten Nature Foundation organized a beach clean-up with students of the Milton Peters College (MPC). Thirty students removed 186 pounds of trash from Mullet Bay Beach in just half an hour, by using ...

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Ramesh Manek End Polio Now Walk-a-thon set for Saturday

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Rotary Club of St Maarten-Mid Isle joins all other Rotary Clubs worldwide in observing World Polio Day on October 24, Rotary St. Maarten-Mid Isle said on Thursday in a statement.

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Holland America Line sponsors maritime training for youth

SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY) - Ten local youth have recently started a comprehensive maritime course, which will allow them to obtain multiple local and international certifications. The 3-month course has been made possible through the...

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Minister Johnson commends HAL for supporting local youth

POND ISLAND:--- The cruise line Holland America Line (HAL) has contributed to a comprehensive three-month maritime course which will allow 10 local young people to obtain local and international certifications. The course is being coordinated by...

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Minister Johnson endorses Nature Foundation call to use...

POND ISLAND, Sint Maarten - Sunscreens used to protect yourself when sunbathing, that contain UV-filter oxybenzone, are bad for the destination's coral, according to information released by the St. Maarten Nature Foundation. The Nature Foundation ...

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Minister Johnson encourages business community to SMILE

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - SMILE (Sint Maarten Innovation, Initiatives & Industries Linkup Event) will take place on November 2 and 3 at the University of St. Martin (USM). It is an event that is open to the private sector, Government and USM...

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Cft: About time Curaçao addresses sustainable public finance

Newly-made agreements government and Cft have to turn the situation around WILLEMSTAD - Considerable effort has been made to balance the 2018 budget, however the multi-year budgetary problem of Curaçao still is reason for concern. The country...

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No buyer after first auction Howard Johnson Hotel

WILLEMSTAD - The betting price for the former Howard Johnson Hotel in Otrobanda was 9.5 million guilders but it was not sold yesterday. According to sources, there was sufficient interest at the notary office Moerdijk & Palm for the auction, but...

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UTS to pay out NAf. 42 million

WILLEMSTAD - The payment of 42 million Antillean guilders to government by the public company United Telecommunication Services (UTS) will take place pending the search for a strategic partner. The latter can be deduced from a letter of October 9 ...

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A quarter of the residents were not born in Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - Almost a quarter of the Curaçao population was not born on the island. The largest part of that group comes from the Netherlands. There are also Curaçaoans who are born in the European part of the Kingdom. The group of foreigners...

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Members of Parliament debate on Caribbean guilder

WILLEMSTAD - The Parliament of Curaçao on Tuesday discussed recent statements by the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS) about the introduction of a Caribbean guilder. Opposition parties that had asked for the meeting questioned why...

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'Antillean guilder easy to forge'

WILLEMSTAD - Notes of 100 guilders are relatively easy to forge. That is what the Central Bank says. It would therefore quickly require a decision by politicians to replace the banknotes with new, better-secured money. The coins are also due for...

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Cft: "Instruction Looms for Bonaire"

Kralendijk - The Board of financial supervision Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (Cft) has called on both the Executive Council and the Island Council to demonstrate more decisiveness. The Cft has been stating for some time now that on too many ...

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Senators annoyed by undetermined social minimum BES islands

The Hague - The patience of the members of the Senate are being tested. State Secretary Van Ark (Social Affairs) and State Secretary Knops (Kingdom Relations) did not manage to convince the senators on Tuesday as to why the social minimum has not ...

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2018 Price rise on Bonaire and Saba higher than on Statia

In Q3 2018, consumer prices on Bonaire were 3.5 percent higher than one year previously. Prices also rose on St Eustatius and Saba, by 1.1 and by 4.4 percent year-on-year respectively. This is reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) on the...

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Weather Forecast: Friday to Sunday

DATE ISSUED: Thursday, October 18, 2018 @ 18:00 LST (22:00 UTC) VALID UNTIL: Friday evening (18:00 LST) October 19, 2018 Tonight through Friday evening: Partly cloudy and breezy with isolated shower possible. Forecast High: 31°C / 88°F Forecast...

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SMILE Program Details Announced: November 2-3

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA), in conjunction with ORCO Bank, Global Resourcing, the Chamber of Commerce and 360° of Innovation, proudly presents the program for the upcoming innovative...

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NAGICO Dubs Oct. as Customer & Community Appreciation Month

They have a line-up of meaningful activities focused on their customers and the community at large and they are excited to share the news. The company had planned an extravagant Customer Appreciation day last year, but unfortunately this had to...

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SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Social & Health Insurances SZV will launch its AOV Pension Status Survey on Monday October 15 th. Residents of Dutch Sint Maarten who are currently receiving AOV pension payments from SZV have an obligation to...

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NAGICO launches the Hurricane Xtra Policy

PHILIPSBURG (Monday, July 23, 2018) - Today, NAGICO Insurances unveiled a new insurance product called the NAGICO Hurricane Xtra Policy. It's designed as a supplemental coverage to insure uncovered expenses that may arise following a hurricane as ...

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Soup Kitchen Open on Saturday

EBENEZER - Come one, come all to the Sovereignty Ladies soup kitchen, the aforementioned organization said in a notice on Wednesday. "The soup kitchen will be open to the public on Saturday October 20th, 2018 from 11.00AM - 1.00PM at the Victory...

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Countdown to October 30 Career & Study Fair 2018

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The St. Maarten Career & Study Fair Committee is pleased to announce that they will be hosting their annual Career & Study Fair on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Last year the Committee was forced to cancel the Career...

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Review LuminAID Packlite Max, a Solar Powered Phone Charger

ST. JOHN'S ESTATE - The Wizards, specializing in computer repairs and onsite services, is now the official reseller for an environmentally-friendly product that has a very unusual feature: A solar powered LED lantern that is a phone charger as...

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50 Additional Ladies Get a chance to PAINT PINK

SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) - The ever-popular Makita PAINT IT PINK Workshop will take place this Saturday, October 20 th at the Kooyman Megastore in Cay Hill.

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EPIC to Host Full Moon Kayak with Halloween theme

SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY) - In anticipation of Halloween, Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) foundation will host a "Spooktacular" kaya...

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Yes - Regional News
St. Kitts Soars with More Airlift from North America ...

BASSETERRE, St Kitts, Thursday October 18, 2018 - With airlift arrivals having grown for the past 18 months, there is a rising demand for St. Kitts as a leisure travel destination and North American airlines have taken note of the increased...

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New public opinion survey in St Kitts-Nevis indicates...

BASSETERRE, St Kitts - The Team Unity coalition government in St Kitts and Nevis was elected on February 16, 2015, and therefore passed its half-way mark in February of this year. As a result, there is considerable public interest in the extent...

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FOR SALE: Red 2018 Hyundai Grand i10

Asking price $11,000 US Dollars. Call or whatsapp 588-0800 for more information.

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FOR SALE: Blue 2018 Suzuki Baleno

Call or whatsapp 588-0800 for information and for asking price.

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We have a professional mechanic available to take care of all the bodywork that needs to be done on your car, jeep, van or bus. Good deals on auto parts also available.

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InselAir moves toward the future with new airline system ...

WILLEMSTAD, DUBLIN - Curacao-based InselAir has become one of the first airlines in the world to actively begin the process of moving into the future of the airline industry by transitioning to the next generation of airline systems provided by...

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Let's Cruise - Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean... is offering cruise vacations on the best and biggest cruise ships in the world with brand name cruises and destinations in the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean, ...

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International operator to take over Antigua's cruise ports

By Caribbean News Now contributor ST JOHN'S, Antigua - The government of Antigua and Barbuda has confirmed that international port operator Global Ports Holding will take over the management of cruise ports in Antigua in exchange for...

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Jamaica to sign new air-service agreements

By Latonya Linton ~ KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) - Jamaica's Cabinet has given approval for the signing of new air-service agreements with the governments of Slovenia, Morocco, The Bahamas and South Africa. This was disclosed by minister of education,...

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Jamaica Poised for Another Bumper Cruise Year

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday October 17, 2018 - Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett, says 2018 is poised to be another excellent year for Jamaica's cruise ship sector with vessels from the world's largest cruise companies expected to call at the...

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Senior IMF Economist on Barbados' Economic Recovery Plan

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday October 18, 2018 - A senior economist with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is confident that if the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) Plan is implemented within the timeframe, it would move...

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More Public Sector Workers in Barbados to Lose Job Next Year

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Wednesday October 17, 2018 - As many as 2,500 public workers will be jobless when the dust settles on the Government's restructuring exercise, the Barbados-born International Monetary Fund economist embedded as the...

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Cohen & Klein

Comprehensive training programs

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Authorities in Guyana Hunt Down Prison Escapees

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Wednesday October 17, 2018 -Three inmates remain on the run after escaping the Lusignan Prison on Monday, hours before a riot at the facility. Acting Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels said Travis Evans, who was on remand on...

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Venezuela Ditches US Dollar for Euros in International Trade

CARACAS, Venezuela, Thursday October 18, 2018 - Venezuela will drop the US dollar from its exchange market in favour of the Euro, in reaction to crippling sanctions imposed by the United States. The move, announced on Tuesday by Vice President...

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Today sees the official launch of Caribbean-based online ...

WILLEMSTAD - The new gaming brand is launching their offering to Caribbean and Central American players. PowerPlay strongly believes that the Caribbean and Central American markets, with a passion for sports to match any region in the world,...

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IND sparks Brexit scare with EU residence permit ...

Dozens of worried British nationals have been contacting lawyers and community websites since the Dutch immigration service IND updated its Brexit information to state that their European residency permits will expire on March 29, when Brexit...

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Dutch finance minister cancels visit to Saudi conference ...

Dutch finance minister Wopke Hoekstra has cancelled his visit to Saudia Arabia because of the probable murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. Hoekstra was due to attend an investment conference in Riyadh next week...

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Government to crack down on smoking, raise tobacco price

The government plans to put up the price of cigarettes to €10 a packet, introduce outright smoking bans in the healthcare sector, at schools and playgrounds and ban tobacco advertising, in an effort to stop youngsters taking up the habit, the...

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Dutch unemployment rate falls again, nears record low ...

The official Dutch employment rate fell again in September and now stands at 3.7%, the national statistics agency CBS said on Thursday. This is just 0.1 percentage point higher than the record low unemployment rate reached in the second half of...

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SXM Daily News - 17 Oct 2018
TVCarib Informer News

TVCarib Informer News - October 17, 2018

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