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Doncher welcomes RCCL back, pays tribute to hurricane heroes

Port St. Maarten - Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs Mellissa Arrrindell-Doncher on Sunday welcomed Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) and its ship Grandeur of the Seas back to the shores of St. Maarten calling the occasion a "great early ...

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Dear Reader

This is worth repeating for those who missed Saturday's edition...

We are happy to announce the set up of a new category called " Legal Reviews" on our website at This initiative was inspired by the wish of The Legal Review Committee to publish articles relating to legal matters on our website.

The Legal Review Committee is a group of five lawyers who will be providing you the reader with objective, non-partisan and informative articles concerning legal matters. The information is based on the law and legal research and of a legal academic nature for the purpose of informing the public.

This Committee aims to educate and enlighten the general population on the legal system governing the current issues and in so doing equip the public with the information needed to be able to discuss topics in a well-informed manner.

The lawyers who will be writing these articles on a regular basis are: Dr. Nilda Arduin, Mr. Reynold Groeneveldt LLM, Mrs. Mavis Brooks-Salmon LLM, Mrs. Patricia Phillips BLL and Mr. Gaston Bell LLM.

The following are some of the topics the group will be publishing:

  • Democracy and Trias Politica
  • Challenges in our Democratic Constitutional System
  • Screening, Appointment and Dismissal of Ministers
  • Motion of Non-Confidence
  • Dissolution of Parliament

Each article will be concluded with a few questions or statements to trigger open discussion among friends, colleagues and families. The first article published by The Legal Review Committee is entitled " Democracy and Trias Politica".

We have opened the comments section on these articles to encourage discussions amongst our readers and to allow you the reader to post answers to the questions posed by The Legal Review Committee.

Comments will be highly moderated to allow only for a high level of discussion on the questions posed and on the topics in general. No profanity, insulting or derogatory comments will be allowed. We encourage discussions and debates on the merits of the arguments posed. No posts or attacks of a personal nature nor any off-topic postings will be allowed.

Click here to read the first article by The Legal Review Committee titled " Democracy and Trias Politica".

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of this newsletter and do have a great week.

The Publisher,

PS : It is definitely election time. Glad tidings of good cheer is being brought you this Christmas.

Fleming to motivate Chamber changes for small businesses

Overwhelmed by the support ~ Middle Region - Just two days after garnering 101 votes in a tightly-run Chamber of Commerce elections, Music Producer Bertaux 'Mr. Rude' Fleming on Sunday was recognized as a local hero in the aftermath of Hurricane...

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"Rainbow shines on Grandeur of the Seas "
PHILIPSBURG – The Grandeur of the Seas arrived at the port in Philipsburg on Sunday morning under what looked like a fortunate omen. As the cruise liner of Royal Caribbean entered the port, it started to rain and shortly after a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky and the Grandeur of the Seas seemed to be at the end of that rainbow.

That’s were the fortunate part of the omen ended because later in the morning the island experienced heavy rainfall, making it not all that attractive for cruise passengers to take a walk through the town.
The Grandeur of the Seas – with a maximum capacity of 1,950 passengers – is the second cruise ship to arrive in St. Maarten after Hurricane Irma.

A team of the Dutch TV-program Nieuwsuur (News Hour) was in the port to record the arrival of the cruise liner. Nieuwsuur’s report covers not only the arrival of the Grandeur of the Seas, but it will also present an impression of the island’s recovery after Hurricane Irma. The broadcast on Dutch TV is on December 28.

Photo caption: The Grandeur of the Seas arrives, seemingly at the end of a rainbow at the port in St. Maarten. Photo Hilbert Haar. News of the Day
Minister Emmanuel: 21 floors Towers construction historical

Philipsburg - Developer Frank Teboul will be starting the construction of two 21 floor Towers soon. The building permit has been approved and signed by the Minister of VROMI. Honorable Minister C. Emmanuel expressed that this coming construction...

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Counter-experts: stress did not kill Mitch Henriquez

THE HAGUE - The court has to present an interim-verdict in the case against two police officers who were involved in the arrest of Aruban Mitch Henriquez in 2015; Henriquez died a few days after the violent arrest. New independent research by...

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Police force receives new vehicles for detectives department

Philipsburg -On Thursday, December 14th the St. Maarten Police Force (KPSM) received the first two of six new vehicles to be added to its fleet.The new vehicles will be assigned to the detectives department as that department's vehicles suffered...

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CPO Community Police Officers honoured

Philipsburg - On Tuesday December 12th during a short ceremony at the Prins Willem Alexander School the Community Police Officer (CPO) Arcella Leonard, Shawn Crispulo from KPSM and Elvis Jamanika of the Nationale Dutch Police Force were honoured...

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Cartoon: Point Blanche Prison Wallbreak

Satirical cartoon

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Philipsburg Community Brass Band back at Anglican Church

Photo caption: After a long summer break which included the passing of hurricane Irma and the aftermath thereof, the Philipsburg Community Brass Band was once again back at the St. Simon & St. Jude Anglican Church in Philipsburg for their monthly ...

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Engage thanks corporate sponsors and participants

Philipsburg - Ten hours of reading, sharing of literary works and networking proved that the "Engage in Literature Read-a-thon" was indeed more than just a read-a-thon. Last week (December 9th) the Engage foundation hosted their first annual...

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SHTA & Carib Beer Call for Sharing 2018 Events

Philipsburg - The Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) and Carib Beer call on companies and NGO's to send in events they are planning for 2018 for their National Event Calendar. By launching the calendar three months after...

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Phyllisia Ross joins Art Saves Lives in relief efforts

St. Maarten - Art Saves Lives Foundation continued its hurricane relief efforts with the assistance of the French Tourist Office's "SXM Smile Again" initiative to assist students on the island. Recording artist Phyllisia Ross collaborated with...

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ICWI brings Christmas cheer to children in need

The Insurance Company of the West Indies (ICWI) Brings Some Christmas Cheer to Children in Need. ~ donates to St. Maarten Vocational Training School for Christmas lunch ~ When ICWI was asked to support the St. Maarten Vocational and Training...

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Funding needed for Rehabilitation of Coral Reef Eco-System

SINT MAARTEN/COMMENTARY - The country's reefs are an important contributor to the national economy. Based on an Economic Valuation Study of Sint Maarten's coral reef eco-system, the economic contribution of a healthy coral reef system was found...

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SMCP present next candidate: Christian President

Christian President, alternative candidate for true leadership "ST MAARTEN, like you, I share the same sentiments time and time again. We are continuously being begged for our support during elections and once given the opportunity to represent...

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Questions from the yachting sector

Dear Sir, Can you imagine that you were in charge of the government of a small island where 15% of the economy was attributable to the yachting sector, this sector had significant competition, and the island was hit by a hurricane that was...

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Caribbean's cruise tourism return shows it is open

Multifaceted, million-dollar advertising campaign shows successful results of drawing visitors to the Caribbean post-hurricanes, and transitions to continue focusing on the more than one million square miles and range of attractions, activities...

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St. Maarten Airport interior demo work to start this week

PHILIPSBURG - Demolition of the mold-infested interior sheetrock walls of Princess Juliana International Airport's terminal building is to start this week after a contractor is selected on Tuesday. The airport has followed the required...

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The concept of a Democratic system of government and the Trias Politica philosophy is quite old. The term "Trias Politica" or "Separation of powers" is widely acknowledged to be linked to Montesquieu, author of the popular work "The Spirit of...

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It is going to be a busy Holiday Season

Ladies and Gentlemen, This week no column from me. I doubt that anyone would be interested in reading the serious issues that I bring up, during a festive season. I could have waited another 3-4 days with this, but then everybody get stacks of...

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