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You know things are getting back to normal on St. Maarten when you see politics rearing its ugly head. Today there will be an urgent meeting of Parliament. We are curious to see what the outcome of this meeting will be. Read below what Member of Parliament, Theo Heyliger, said to this newspaper.

On another note, t he call has gone out on Facebook to stop posting pictures of the destruction on St. Maarten as it is too depressing for many people. We at the Today Newspaper disagree with that call - although we do understand it. We have to face the reality of the situation we are presently in. Some people need to go through a process in order to recover fully mentally and spiritually and a part of that recovery process to view head on what Hurricane Irma has done to our island. Nonetheless, we heavily support the promotion of positive pictures, especially photos of the clean up process, the rebuilding and the recovery process in general. In the spirit of that process, we hereby post a positive photograph taken by Today managing editor Hilbert Haar with the caption: " Affection in the waters of Orient Bay after the hurricanes ". Love conquers all and love will also help rebuild and remake St. Maarten again. Click here to v iew this photograph .

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In the meantime, read our interview with Laser 101 below...
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TODAY newspaper interviews Laser 101 - TODAY - The...

"Two days after Irma people had no more food and water" By Hilbert Haar GREAT BAY - Radio station Laser 101 was the heart and soul of the disastrous month of September that began with Hurricane Irma. The nine members of the station's hurricane...

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Think first
The ambition to rebuild St. Maarten as fast as possible is understandable. Everybody wants to go back to business as usual, the economy needs to get going and people need jobs and an income. But fast is not always good...
Clean up of schools
According to the Ministry of ECYS USAR and local contractors have been assisting at public and subsidized schools with the removal of debris, galvanize, and securing of the schools. It is imperative that our students return to school in a timely manner. 
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This newspaper asked UP party leader and Member of Parliament, Theo Heyliger, whether the government was going to fall on Monday and this was his answer: “ I have not been in any talks to form a government.” An urgent meeting of Parliament will be held on Monday at 10am at the insistence of the President of Parliament. Read the full story online.
Due to the severe damage that was caused by Hurricane Irma to both the social and economic infrastructure of Sint Maarten, the Government of Sint Maarten will develop a national recovery plan to guide the reconstruction and recovery of Sint Maarten. A work group to draft the National Recovery Plan was established by national decree. Read more online.


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PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (Sunday September 24th, 2017) - Social & Health Insurances SZV will re-open Monday thru Friday as of Monday September 25th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm permitting stable electricity, water and internet connections. SZV will...

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